Who would know that purchasing and decorating your dream home isn’t enough? For a house to stand the test of time and look new as forever, persistent maintenance actions have to be taken and desired home repairs need to be carried out.

Since nowadays the Internet has become a guide for people, every kind of repair or renovation is explained online. In a time where money has become a critical aspect, DIY enthusiasts aren’t happy paying for a professional’s fee and like to handle the tasks themselves.

While there are many home repair projects that a regular person with modest experience can look after, there are a few tasks that are better left to experts to save you time, money, and a headache. Here are some of those jobs you should avoid doing on your own:

  1. Electrical Repairs

Any kind of job that involves electricity has to be handled very cautiously. You can end up burning down your house or killing yourself of electrocution with just a single mistake. Minor changes like replacing the switchboard or installing a wall fan can be done yourself as long as the power is turned off. Other complex tasks such as re-wiring or working with high voltage lines are better left to licensed technicians as they are well-trained to look into such jobs.

  1. Plumbing Repairs

Once your house starts developing a plumbing issue or water damage, it can cause tremendous damage to your property if not caught in time. Replacing a worn-out shower or leaking faucet is still doable for some, but anything that falls beyond this category is best left to a plumbing specialist. Though doing these repairs on your own is not going to put your life in danger, but will surely take a toll on your pocket as what seems to be a slight leakage may escalate to a flooded house quickly costing you thousands of dollars on its fixing.

  1. Gas Appliance Repair

A DIY repair of gas appliances like gas furnaces, ovens, water heaters or dryers is a big no-no. These tools are expensive and quite complex too. Moreover, there is always a risk for a leak to develop if the appliance is not reinstalled properly, further causing fire or explosion in your home. That is why DIY should be avoided and only a qualified expert should carry out the job.

  1. Roof Repairs

People usually have the habit of learning things in life the hard way. That is why they keep adding caulk thinking that it will fix the leak but what they end up with is a soggy ceiling and tons of wasted material. Additionally, attempting to repair the roof shingles poses huge risks. Hence, DIY roof repairing is never recommended unless you are highly experienced and carry the right tools.