Most buyers and sellers have very little or no experience with a realtor. It might happen once in a lifetime when you plan to buy or sell a property. Due to that, it is hard to differentiate between a good realtor and an amateur one.

A realtor is said to be experienced and reliable when he/she possess a deep knowledge of the real estate industry and have a strong sales history to back up their claims. With that in mind, the following are the top qualities of the realtors who do their job the best:

Passionate and Determined

For a realtor, every client and every deal is important. In fact, their job centers on helping the clients and working passionately towards the fulfillment of their needs. Whether it is the explanation of the home-buying process, staging a home for a showing, or introducing you to the community/neighborhood, you should be able to see a determination and a desire to help in your realtor.

A real estate sale or purchase can be a big financial decision; hence, always look for someone who is driven to win and can help you overcome every obstacle that comes on your way.


To be able to sell your property in the market and fetch a good price for it, you ought to have a reasonable sales experience. Similarly, if you are new in town and look forward to buying a property at a fair price, you need to have information about the area. That is why it is recommended to start right by consulting a specialist for the purpose.

Well-established realtors are constantly engaged in such property dealings and have a handful of local market knowledge to help you decide what type of area and house will be appropriate for you.

Great Communicator

The real estate market is time-sensitive and fluctuates often. And, as a buyer or seller, it can be highly stressful if you don’t get such information. Thus, look for a realtor who constantly keeps you informed about the current market situation and saves you from wasting your time and money.

Work with realtors that stay in touch with you and keep passing all sorts of information that can impact your buying or selling decision.

Expert Negotiator

A big part of the realtors’ job requires negotiation skills. A realtor will be your representative and negotiate for the deals on your part. He/she will bring the other party on fair terms and do every possible thing to protect your interests. For them, your needs are the topmost priority. Hence, they make sure that all your transactions are duly supported and satisfy you at the end of the day.

Though you can gauge their negotiation ability only when it is your turn to buy or sell, you can try to contact their past clients and ask how the prospective realtor helped them get on the best deals.