Garage is an important part of your house. Most importantly, it safeguards your vehicle, from intruders. Mostly, garage doors are repaired by professional services, who does overhead door installation. These professional services have the tools and man-force to do these kinds of work. Sometimes, minor fixes of the garage door can also be done by you, using simple lubricants and a mechanical workshop set. Now, garage door repair is generally of two types, one is, repairing the garage door itself, and the other is the door opener. Both the parts of the garage door can easily be fixed if the professional service you hire has the patience and the expertise to repair the door. In fact, if you have a mechanical background and if you decide to repair the garage door completely by yourself, then you might also do so, but you need to take proper precautions. Also, when you are working on the garage door, make sure that there is a lot of daylight available.

Firstly, to fix your garage door, you need to find where exactly the problem is. There is a simple way to test it. Use the door opener, to open the door. If the door is opening with the help of door opener, then the door opener is completely all right, and the problem is with the garage door itself. If the door opener cannot open the door, then the problem is with the door opener. Now, to make sure that the garage door is damaged, remove it manually step by step. If it is making a grinding sound or if it is difficult to move the door, then the garage door has the problem. The overhead door generally uses a spring to move, and it rolls using the tracks which are made out of metal, attached to the walls. Therefore, when you are working with the garage door, you should always first check the hardware about any issues, after you are done checking the door opener.

The first step to repair your garage door is that you should check the metal tracks. Tighten the brackets, since, with continued usage they tend to get loose. Now, check for any marks or dents on the metal tracks, if you see any, then unplug that part of the track, and hit it with hammer to straighten that out. Once, you are done with that, reattach them as they were. Now, you need to make sure that they are straightened, as they were. To check that use a carpenter’s level. The vertical tracks should be exactly straight, while the horizontal should be downward slanted. Check, that both the tracks are in parallel to each other.

To ensure the smooth operation of the metal tracks, you should always lubricate them after a routine period of time, since, using it every day, can wear it a bit, and hence it can malfunction.

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