Molds can grow in areas where moisture is present or where there are high humid conditions. It mostly grows over damp surfaces, bathrooms, basements, walls, fabrics etc. Mold manifestation can ruin your home. Many people tend to overlook it by thinking that it is soil, but they should be aware of the fact that mold often turns black if not removed promptly.


One way to detect mold in your house is that you may experience a musty smell which usually comes when there are high concentrations of mold in your home. Don’t ignore it; it’s probably the time to take some action.


Mold if not appropriately treated, can cause an infection that may lead to breathing problems, skin allergies, cold, flu or bleeding. It not only affects physical health but can also rot wood surface, fade walls and decrease the longevity of floors. So it is important to remove the mold before it spreads and becomes a bigger problem.


Therefore, here are some ways how you can get rid of molds and prevent their growth-


Keep Your House Dry-


Excessive humid conditions, rainy season or water leakages due to breakage in the pipe can cause damp walls and moisture to rise in the interior of your house that can trigger the growth of molds on the walls, furniture or hidden areas of your home. It becomes difficult to clean the hidden areas. Consequently, it becomes easy to prevent mold from growing by keeping the moisture content of your house low.


It can be achieved by using dehumidifiers or switching on fans that can evaporate water if any.


Using Natural Mold Cleaners-


If you are a DIY person, then you can create a mold removal solution from household items such as


  • Using vinegar on hard surfaces
  • Applying bleach mixed with water on mold damaged surface.
  • If you want to treat porous surfaces, then make use of soap solution mixed with bleach.


Keep Your House Clean-


Cleanliness plays a major role in destroying many bacteria and infection-causing germs that lead to the growth of molds. Cleaning may involve-


  • Cleaning of gutter and downspouts to check whether the water is properly draining away.
  •  Repairing of leaks, cracks that can cause dampness.
  • Installation of exhaust fans in the kitchen, bathroom and basement.
  • Improving ventilation.
  • Regularly inspecting areas prone to mold growth.
  • Using cleaners that will destroy the mold and not the surface.
  • Cleaning the exteriors of your house and maintaining the landscaping.
  • Usage of vacuum cleaners to clean furniture and floor and many more.


Seeking Help from Professionals-


Removing mold from your house is not an easy task. If you have tried all the possible method and still can’t achieve desired results, then worry not, you can hire mold removal company who have trained and experienced men for the work.


They bring the right equipment and cleaners to remove mold and provide a guarantee of their work. They try their best that mold may not grow back and for that, they guide the homeowners to take certain measures too.