Hard disk drives are destined to fail due to the numerous moving parts that experience wear and tear. No matter what, hard disk failure is an enraging problem that can lead to permanent data loss. The best way to prevent damage from hard disk failure is to take a proactive approach and have a backup in place before failure strikes. Although specialized data recovery programs can be your resort, data backups remain one of the easiest ways to recover your precious data. Here is a detailed resource to remain prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Understanding the cause of Hard Disk Failure

A failure to hard disk can be caused by either logical or physical damage. Excessive wear and tear can cause the hard disk parts to malfunction and render normal functioning impossible. Such failures are categorized as mechanical or physical failures. Symptoms vary depending on the extent of the damage and are accompanies with beeping, whirring or clicking sound from the hard disk drive.

On the other hand, a logical failure occurs due to a virus attack, software malfunction, and driver conflicts. As a result, the hard disk cannot boot into operating system and files may appear to be corrupted. The drive’s physical components are almost healthy when a logical failure has occurred. It is important to note that the use of hard disk must be immediately stopped as it can risk the data getting overwritten and prevent data recovery.

Diagnosing the Problem

Bear in mind, if the drive hasn’t failed completely yet, it is imperative to back up all the data to an external source immediately. If the drive has already failed, it is highly recommended not using the hard drive any further. DIY attempts to data recovery can make the problem even worse and hamper your chances of recovering the data safely. If you truly want your critical data back, taking it to a professional data recovery service is your best bet.

Choosing the Data Recovery Service

Surely finding a data recovery service is not difficult. All you need is an internet connection. But choosing from millions of companies is a completely new story. It is important to choose a company that has been in the business for a long time and has the right technical expertise to pull off the job. A company that handles thousands of cases each year will have higher skills and the possibility of your data being recovered increases manifold.