A bathroom may be the smallest room in our house, but it has a huge impact on our living. It is the most used room in any house and the quality of its construction directly affect the integrity of our home.


If the bathroom is built in the right way, it not only looks good but also functions properly. And if done wrongly, it can prove to be a serious headache as it can lead to water intrusion, mold and water damage. So, it is crucial to hire the right and reliable person to do your bathroom job.


Further, if you are planning a bathroom remodel or will get it done in the near future, then consider the below-given tips. They will be a great help in hiring an experienced bathroom renovator.


#1. Get recommendations – It is the first step that you should follow when searching for a bathroom remodeling contractor. Getting references from friends and family whom you trust can be really beneficial. You can ask them about their experiences and have a better idea about the issues that are faced while working with a contractor. Moreover, they will even warn you from hiring a renovator they had an unsatisfactory experience with.


However, if you didn’t get any good recommendation, you can search for some reliable bathroom contractors in your area on the internet.


#2. Read online reviews – After getting recommendations and searching on the internet, the next thing you should check is online reviews. It is very important to see what the previous clients have to say about the contractor. Most probably, you will be treated the same way, as the past clients were treated. Make sure to hire the contractor who meets your needs and have positive reviews.


#3. Conduct a phone interview – Once you have shortlisted bathroom contractors, conduct a phone interview. The questions that you must ask them are as follows:

  • Will you be working on other projects at the same time?
  • From how many years you have been into this business?
  • Can you provide a list of references?
  • Currently, how many projects are you working on?


#4. Prepare yourself – Once you have picked a reliable bathroom contractor for yourself, look forward to the details of your project. A professional contractor will listen to you patiently and will consider everything you want for or in your bathroom. They will even suggest you better alternatives. So, make sure that you are prepared to talk to your contractor. More prepared you will be, better will your planning session (with the contractor) will go.


#5. Get estimates in writing – Never go for verbal estimates. Otherwise, you may have to face serious issues if any problem arises during the project. Get all the estimates in written and read carefully to make sure that nothing is missed.