All of us desire that beautiful, youthful and flawless skin that will make us stand out in a crowd. We want to look beautiful so we can feel more confident and be assured of ourselves. Often, in our pursuit of such external beauty, we run after expensive and worthless cosmetics. However, the best methods of achieving your dream skin are available right at home! So here we list the ten tips on how to get flawless skin from within naturally:

10.Keep yourself hydrated:

The importance of consuming enough water cannot be emphasised. Many people believe that they are drinking enough water but they don’t realise that their body has got accustomed to that level of consumption. The key to understanding whether you are drinking enough is to make sure that you never feel thirsty. If you ever find yourself feeling thirsty, it is a sure shot sign that you are not consuming enough water. Two to three litres of water daily is a must to ensure that unnecessary wastes and toxins are being flushed out of the body. Besides, water is also important for the absorption of certain vitamins and thus, boosts the immune system as well.


9. Nutritious dietary habits:

Pimples are often caused by fried food. Constipation and indigestion leads to skin breakouts. Malnutrition results in dry and withering skin. Every single skin problem boils down to your food habits in some way or the other. That is why it is important to ensure nutritious dietary habits. Fresh fruits and vegetables as well as enough fibre to aid proper digestion are a must for a healthy skin. Processed foods, junk food and fried food must be avoided as far as possible to maintain that glowing skin. The key is to ensure that the right balance of nutrients; vitamins and minerals reach the skin.


8. Sun protection:

The ultraviolet radiations of the sun are extremely harmful and are known to cause skin cancer. You may argue that the sun is a great source of Vitamin D, which is essential for the overall health of an individual. True. This is why it is important to note when to expose yourself to the sun and when to protect yourself from its rays. The morning sun, till about 9 AM is vital for the body. Beyond this time, the afternoon sun becomes harmful for the skin. At such times, it is important to protect yourself by covering your body, using an umbrella if required and applying a dermatologist-approved sunscreen with at least SPF above 30. If sunburnt or tanned, many remedies can help soothe the skin and regain its original texture.


7. Deal with pimples and acne carefully:

Puberty and stressful circumstances are situations that all of us deal with most of the times. As such, none of us are alien to pimples, acne and skin breakouts. Popping pimples can often be extremely tempting but it is essential to understand that doing so can leave scars that last an entire lifetime. So it is up to you to weigh whether dealing with a pimple for a few days is easier or with scars that will never leave you. Also, the bacteria within the pimple then spread and seeps into other parts of the skin, in turn, causing even more pimples. It truly becomes a never-ending cycle then. So allow those skin breakouts to heal on their own or use effective home remedies to cure them, but never ever burst them!


6. Exfoliate:

Most of us dedicate ourselves to the cause of applying more and more materials to skin. So much so that we almost forget that there is a part of the skin that has to be removed periodically too-the dead skin cells. The topmost layer of the skin accumulates dust, pollution and other air-borne impurities. As such, it is important remove this layer to expose the beautiful layer of new skin cells beneath. This is possible only through exfoliation. Using home-made scrubs and materials like honey or oatmeal can do the required job. They also ensure that the clogged skin pores are cleaned and become visibly smaller.


5. Follow good make-up etiquette:

Make-up may be your best friend. But make-up is also your skin’s worst enemy. Whether for parties and events or just at work, make-up gives a person a certain confidence and makes him/her look more attractive and beautiful. Hence, it is a given that make-up and daily life are inseparable. However, such make-up often contains chemicals that clogs the skin pores and does not allow the skin to breathe. As such, it is important to follow good make-up etiquette.  One of the most important steps in this is to ensure that you do not wear make-up to bed. No matter how tired you are, wearing make-up to bed is the worst idea. It is imperative that you remove it using good cleansing milk and wash your face thoroughly with a good face-wash to remove the foundation, kohl, eye-shadow, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, powder and so on!


4. Exercise and physical activity:

This works for three basic reasons- one, exercise increases blood flow to the organs, including the skin and gives it a radiant glow. Two, it helps the body flush out unnecessary toxins through sweat. Three, it reduces muscle tension and relaxes the body, relieving stress. Yoga poses like the downward facing dog pose (Adho Mukh Svanasana) or the Headstand and Slave Pose all encourage blood flow to the face and make the skin glow even more. Thus, you should make it a point to take out at least half an hour from your sedentary lifestyle to dance, walk, run, swim, and gym or do whatever physical activity that suits you.


3. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a must-have in your skin care regimen if you aspire to have flawless skin. Every skin problem finds a common solution in aloe vera. Whether it is to cure blackheads and pimples or to moisturise, aloe vera does it all. As a matter of fact, it has anti-bacterial and humectant properties. Apart from external application, aloe vera juice is also a favourite among healthcare and skin care experts.


2. Take care of your hair:

Your skin, especially your face, is affected to a great degree by the hygiene and cleanliness of your hair. Dandruff from the hair often causes pimples and fungal skin infections. Oily hair can be a source of dirt and impurities too. This is why it is extremely important to take care of your hair in order to take care of your skin. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner that works best for you. Thoroughly cleanse your hair at least thrice a week and regularly check for dandruff or lice.


1. Sleep:

Well, it turns out that beauty sleep is not just a thing for actresses and models or brides-to-be. Sleep is extremely essential for allowing your skin to completely rejuvenate. Just like the brain and mind need to relax, the body, including the skin needs to relax completely. And what better way than to provide it with enough sleep? A minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep every night complemented by short naps when exhausted during the day go a long way in maintaining flawless, glowing skin.


Follow these thumb rules religiously and you will see that they will turn your skin life around, for the better indeed. These tips will help you look younger and keep skin aging at bay! So say goodbye to your pimples, spots, acne, scars, blackheads and whiteheads because the solution to all your problems lies at your own home!