Anyone who says that a problem can be too small has obviously never experienced the wrath of mosquitoes. Buzzing of mosquitoes and their presence itself is discomforting enough but that is before we realise that these tiny creatures can cause fatal disease like malaria and dengue.  It is almost impossible to avoid mosquitoes because they are attracted to us because of the carbon dioxide that we exhale. Since not breathing is barely even an option, we are left with only options to repel mosquitoes instead.

In our quest to do away with these creatures, we often use chemical-laden sprays or lotions and end up compromising our health in other ways. This is why we give you the top ten tips to get rid of mosquitoes naturally:

10. Garlic:

Among the various health benefits of eating and consuming garlic, this one is a surprising entry. Eating a lot of garlic produces a type of garlic oil from your skin pores. This garlic oil acts as a naturally repellent and drives mosquitoes away from your body. It is like a transparent, invisible layer that protects you from the blood-sucking insects. Alternatively, the pungent odour of garlic can be used as a weapon too.  To make use of this, crush a few garlic cloves and boil them in water. Use this solution as a mosquito repellent spray around your room and house.


9. Neem Oil:

Neem is often used as an insecticide to drive unwanted insets away from the crop. With a similar effect on humans, neem oil, an extraction from the neem tree, does almost the same job as your chemically endowed mosquito repellent creams. Such an effect can be enhanced by the use of coconut oil. Mix equal proportions of neem oil and coconut oil to obtain a solution that when applied to the various parts of your body, wards off mosquitoes for good. Many experts claim that this has an effect as long-lasting as eight hours.


8. Get rid of stagnant water:

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Whether it is dirty, collected water in buckets or laundry water that is not properly disposed off, still water attracts mosquitoes more than any place else. So the first step to get rid of mosquitoes in and around your house is to get rid of stagnant water. If it is completely impossible to do so, at least try to ensure that the water is clean and that the container it is stored in is covered properly. Basically, if stagnant water cannot be eliminated, exposure to such water can be reduced drastically.


7. Camphor:

Camphor, that we often use in our rituals and poojas, is an effective ingredient in driving away mosquitoes. All you have to do is ensure that the room which is infested with mosquitoes is deprived of all ventilation-shut the doors and windows. Now, leave a few pieces of lit camphor (depending on the size of the place to be rid of mosquitoes) for about half an hour to forty five minutes. When you re-enter the room after this ritual, you will be surprised to find all the mosquitoes gone!


6. Mint:

As opposed to garlic, who’s odour is despised by all, mint is a different issue altogether. The strong smell of mint is something that we enjoy but mosquitoes completely despise it. Mint oil can be obtained from mint extracts and put in a bottle. This can be used as a mosquito spray and squirted in your surroundings or applied on the exposed body parts. Planting mint shrubs at the entry points of your house (such as the window sills or garden entrances) can also help ward off mosquitoes.


5. Lavender Oil:

Smell seems to be a major factor affecting mosquitoes. The same principle is applied even when it comes to lavender oil. Lavender oil and the lavender flower have a smell that is borderline intolerable for the mosquitoes. Hence, you can use it by spraying around the different parts of your house or applying it to the various parts of your body that are exposed. For the same reason, it is better to buy lavender-scented room fresheners because they perform the task of driving away not only bad odour but also mosquitoes.


4. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil is yet another oil with an intolerable smell as far as the mosquitoes are concerned. In addition, it is endowed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that work wonders when it comes to fighting mosquitoes. Like most other remedies and oils, it can be sprayed in your surroundings or applied on to the skin. Before applying it to your body, however, ensure that you mix it with ample amount of water to dilute its strong essence. This can then be applied to the face or the arms and legs.

tea tree

3. Basil or Tulsi:

Tulsi is known to kill mosquito larvae and keep mosquitoes away and beyond. Most Indian households would not experience a major problem because Tulsi is an integral part of their daily lives and the day often starts by worshipping the Tulsi plant. Turns out, when it comes to mosquitoes, Tulsi should indeed be hailed and worshipped. It has both preventive and curative properties which means that it not only gets rid of existing mosquitoes but also prevents their entry by providing a major barrier.


2. Citronella Oil:

Yet another type of oil has been added to this list and for yet again, the same reason. Citronella is another wonder oil that allows you to escape those blood-sucking insects. It is famous for preventing mosquito bites effectively. Citronella oil contained in a candle or sprayed through a vapouriser, repels mosquitoes efficiently and might even end up killing them. So add this to your list of essential oils as it is sure to deal with the mess that mosquitoes might have created for you!


1.Dry Ice:

As mentioned earlier, mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. This important point can be used in our favour by employing the use of dry ice to repel mosquitoes. This remedy is especially effective when it comes to outdoor garden gatherings in the evenings when it is practically impossible to deal with all the mosquitoes. Dry ice, which is primarily carbon dioxide, sublimes as it melts and serves as a relatively more attractive target than exhaled breath. The thick clouds of vapourised dry ice will serve as a distraction for mosquitoes who will then leave you alone as far as possible.

dry ice

Even if we are not talking about fatal or debilitating illnesses, mosquitoes are enough trouble and headache to add to our already stressful lives. They make our daily lives hell in a variety of ways-contaminating our food, bustling in our ears and leaving red, itchy patches all over. As far as such skin issues are concerned,  say good bye to those painful scratches, itching, redness and swelling that these blood-sucking insects bring about. With natural remedies to do away with them altogether, a mosquito-free existence is no longer a distant dream for you!