If you are planning to move to the cloud, then trust me, you are making a smart decision. If you become successful at choosing the right solution provider, it can help in a smooth workflow, reduced costs, and even elimination of IT personnel and hardware. However, with several cloud solutions providers offering a different range of packages, it becomes quite challenging to select the best one. Numerous options will leave you in confusion about whom to choose. But, by asking the below-given questions from the cloud solution provider, you can hire the one who not only provides the best services but also meet your needs and budget as well.


Question #1. What is your pricing structure? 

Different firms use different methods of charging such as hourly, weekly, monthly or annually. Moreover, the price of various cloud solution providers may also vary. So, it is crucial to learn pricing structures of all the high rates vendors in your area. Make sure that you only pay for the amount of storage you use.


Question #2. What level of support can I expect from you? 

When it comes to IT services, customer support needs to be the top priority of any vendor. You may think that your data is completely safe, and you will not require any assistance from the cloud solution provider. But, in reality, problems with systems can arise anytime and anywhere. You may lose your data, and in such a scenario, you will need the help of a cloud solution vendor who listens to your issues and address them immediately. Otherwise, delays can lead to considerable losses in business.


Question #3. What happens in the case if you lose my data? 

Accidents can happen, and cloud solution provider may lose your data saved on their storage devices. If such a case arises, the vendor must be capable of recovering all the lost data. Also, ask them if they have ever faced such a problem in the past. If they have successfully solved the issue, then they will never hesitate to share their story.


Question #4. Is your cloud secure? 

This is the most crucial question that you should never skip asking. When it comes to storing data on the cloud, security is of utmost importance. Cloud provider should have a security plan in place and should regularly update his software and system to eliminate flaws and ensure security. The security measures should include anti-virus, firewalls, multifactor authentication and data encryption. Moreover, they should perform security audits routinely, to eliminate issues that can lead to leakage or theft of data.


Question #5. Can you provide references? 

A cloud solution provider must say yes to this question and should provide you with a list of references immediately. If he is reputable and provides services with which his clients are happy, he will readily provide you with the references. But, if the clients are not satisfied with his cloud solutions, then he will make excuses or will deny providing the contact details of his current or past clients. If it happens, then choose some other cloud solution provider.