Driving safely should always be your top concern when you are behind the wheels of a car – whether alone or with others. With an increase in accidents and death rates, it is essential to put safety first while driving. Make sure you get comprehensive car insurance whenever you buy a car.


No matter how skilled driver you are, but it’s good to reflect on the basis of traffic safety from time to time to keep yourself and others safe.


Here is a list of rules important rules that you must follow while driving a car if you want to increase your chances of staying safe on the road:


Never Drink & Drive


Alcohol is a potent catalyst for stupidity that can affect any person and causes several impairments that lead to a car accident.

Excess of alcohol consumption can lead to blurred vision & loss of consciousness that decreases the reaction time, lower the guessing power. When you drive in a drunk condition, your chances of road accident increases, especially if it’s night time.


It is an important rule of driving; you should know that Drink and Drive is a crime that can land you in jail or you will have to pay a heavy fine.


 Always Wear a Seat Belt


The first thing you should do while you sit in your car is to wear a seat belt. Seat belts play an essential role in keeping you safe from jerks, and when you apply instant brakes at high speed.


It reduces the risk of car injuries by 45% during car crashes. You can be charged with a heavy fine if you do not wear a seat belt while driving.


Follow Traffic Signals


Never take the risk of running on red signals. Follow the traffic signals obediently; drive only when the signal is green. Breaking the traffic signal will not only cost you damage but also the damage the vehicles coming from the opposite side where the signal is green. Wait patiently on signals for your turn.


Respect yellow lights; they are there to notify drivers to slow down their vehicles and stop. It should not be viewed as a sign to rush through an intersection before the light turns red.


Follow Three-Second Rule


It is recommended to the car drivers to maintain a distance of three seconds from the cars ahead. This is because if the vehicle in the front stops suddenly or wants to make a turn, then you will get the time to handle the situation.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to estimate the distance while driving, so you must follow the three-second rule for safety.


Always Avoid Distractions 


Distractions like using mobile phones, talking, watching videos etc. must be avoided at all cost while driving. The slightest of the distraction can cost you your life. Distraction decreases the reaction time, and the driver cannot handle a sudden situation, so be careful and follow the safety measures.