India is a land of diversity, and doing complete honesty to its culture, Indian cuisine is also diverse. With a wide variety of spices, and herbs, Indian Cuisine offers some of the most tangling dishes. For people coming from other cultures or other countries, Indian Cuisine is a completely different world of tastes, which they have never experienced earlier.

Indian cuisine consists of a lot of unfamiliar dishes, which are blended in with exotic ingredients and flavors which are tongue-tingling. A lot of food experts, who have tasted Indian food largely, has always said that, Indian cuisines are unique in taste because of the fact, that a lot of Indian food is adopted from different cuisines, but what makes all the different is the magical spices which results into a titillating dish.

If you are a cooking enthusiast, and want to try out cooking some of the famous Indian dish by yourself, then the first thing that you need to know are the different flavors and the dishes that make up Indian cuisine. Every dish in Indian cuisine is different, and the only thing that can ever connect them is the knowledge of spices. This variation in Indian dishes is what makes it so special. For instance, paneer which is fresh cheese, is made differently in different parts of the country. In southern India, paneer is made with different type of spices or herbs, while, in the northern part of the India, paneer is made using butter and other spice. So, to start off with Indian dishes, it is important that you know some of the basic spices that Indians use in their cuisine. To name a few of those spices, coriander, ginger, turmeric, cumin etc.

The spices can be used in infinite number of ways, which actually depends on the ingredients with which it is mixed. The spices used in an Indian cuisine, are all very healthy, and induces a lot of flavor in the dish.

Now, there are a lot of people, who believe that all Indian dishes are curry. But in actuality, all dishes in Indian cuisines are not curry. Curry has now become a go to name for all spice based dishes where the main ingredient is a meat or a vegetable. Indian curry can either be watery (which is not at all spicy), dry (can be used as snacks), red, green, hot. It depends on the chef who is cooking, that how he would like to make the dish. Though, if you are someone who is just starting out with Indian dishes, then you can start with a chicken curry, which is one of the easiest Indian curries. A chicken curry would best be served with chapatti, which is western sense is a tortilla. Dal is another very famous dish in Indian cuisine, which are made out of different variation of pulses, lentils, peas etc.

There is another very wrong notion about India, and that is, most Indian’s are vegetarians. Though, about 65% India eats vegetarian, the remaining 35% is a huge population. Since, more than half of Indians are vegetarians, Indian cuisine has a place for veg dishes as well. The intelligent use of spices, gives new meaning to the potatoes, peas and cauliflowers.

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