Most people start thinking about gardening right before the spring season. It is the right time to plan and develop your irrigation system for a new garden or landscape. Water may be scarce but is extremely vital to let plants grow. In order to set up a new garden, you must understand the various type of sprinkler systems and also take out time to water each plant. With modern emerging technologies it has become convenient to give plants the right moisture and the right amount of water they need for the biggest harvest and most beautiful blooms. You can also consult an irrigation company for the right design for your new garden to ensure the irrigation system serves its purpose well. Now let us delve into what should be done for a new garden and a new landscape separately.


There are various health threats when you buy processed food or food from the market. Most people nowadays like to buy it directly from the farm or grow their own food in their own gardens. Growing food in your own garden not only requires proper knowledge, but it also requires an ample amount of water. The right amount of water can help your veggies and fruits to grow. It is of the opinion that green thumbs know how to water themselves, nevertheless, you should prefer to set up a well-planned irrigation system. An irrigation system will save water and ensure water to the areas that need it the most without any inconvenience.

There are various types of an irrigation system including drip irrigation, Rotary sprinklers, spray irrigation. Choose an irrigation system that satisfies your needs. For example, a micro-irrigation system is usually recommended for shrubs of dwarf plants as they water them directly. The tubing is done above the ground and can freeze during harsh winter weather. While rotary sprinklers are preferred when you have lush green lawns, they sprinkle water as they rotate in a circle. The right choice of irrigation depends on various factors. Chalk out a plan that considers your budget, the plants that you’re looking for and more. An irrigation company can help you set up your new garden that will serve your purpose and will also be cost-efficient.


Now if you already have a garden or landscape but you are planning to redesign it then you can to consider redesigning the irrigation system as well. Depending on your landscape, an irrigation system should be redesigned. Your sprinkler or spray system needs to be relocated to a better position so that your irrigation system remains efficient. Spray irrigation works even when the flow of water is low, so it is better to relocate it to an area that is small. Further, if the water in your area contains too much mineral, replace all the sprinkler heads that are clogged by mineral buildup.

In addition to all this, If you are planning to change the plants in your new landscape, then try xeriscaping. This process incorporates plants that do not require excessive water but will still make your new landscape look water efficient will fuller plants. Xeriscaping literally means dry landscaping. They help to conserve water and are drought tolerant. Aside from occasional weeding and mulching, Xeriscaping requires far less time and effort to maintain.

So choose the right irrigation system accordingly, you can hire a leading irrigation company that will help you redesign or build you a beautiful garden from scratch and will turn your home into a wonderful home.