You can give your windows better days. All you have to do is replace them with energy efficient and double pane windows. This will not only reduce your electricity bills but will add an extra dash of appeal to your house. There are several brands, styles, and materials in the market to choose from. However, selecting the right one needs a hand. Most people who invest in their homes are of the perception that their investment will last for years. And many of these people are right, but there does come a time when homeowners have to replace their doors and windows after some time. Replacing windows can cost you a bomb. However, those window contractors that provide you with windows that are Energy Star® certified can help you save a lot of money.

Now that you have understood that you need Energy Star® certified windows, Let us find out what is this window and what does it do? Basically, this is a certification that is given to every high-efficiency products in Canada. The blue symbol denotes that the product meets all the specification and requirements set to achieve this official mark. It also tells you that it belongs to the high energy performance class which is in the top 15-30%. Hence, if you want to save money but want your windows to be energy-efficient always opt for windows that are Energy Star® certified.

There are several benefits of replacing windows with Energy Star® certified windows such as they make sure to insulate your house well. This ends up saving you large bucks on your energy bills. These windows also enable you to qualify for tax credits and several incentives. To be precise there are two programs that can help you receive tax credits. One is the Home Energy Conservation (HEC) Program and the other is the Home Winterproofing Program.

Let us now find out what are these two programs exactly.


This program tries to improve the energy efficiency of homeowners by lowering their utility bills and lessening their home’s impact on the environment. So if you see through this program clearly it sounds like a win-win-win to for both the parties! If your house qualifies the terms and conditions of this program then you can avail up to $2,100 in incentives towards the cost of an energy assessment as well as the installation of recommended upgrades.


This is the second program, If you apply and house meets the terms and conditions of this program then you can avail new insulation and draft proofing measures which will be installed by professionals for free. Homeowners that apply and qualify with this program will be eligible to receive new insulation. Energy company Enbridge takes care of the cost of these installations.

Lastly, you can ask your windows and doors replacement contractor, specializing in energy efficient windows, if they have some kind of referral programs. Referral programs are a great way to save big bucks. In this kind of program, all you have to do is refer your contractor to your other friends and family and in return, your contractor provides you with gift cards which will in future help your homes look as good and fresh as new.

Now that you are aware of all the amazing rebates and incentives offered to help you reduce the cost of replacing your windows. Go replace your old windows with new energy-efficient windows today!