Laser treatments such as skin whitening, resurfacing and tightening have been becoming increasingly famous for their range of benefits. These skin treatments are now quite affordable to most people as well; they are no longer something only celebrities and social media influencers can afford. There are a range of services one can choose from. Laser treatments can be used to reverse the effects of ageing, remove excess fat, whiten skin, and reduce wrinkles and acne and lines- giving you a glossy appearance.

This sounds extremely enticing, we know, however, laser treatments should be taken with a pinch of salt, for many reasons. Unless you adequately research about the treatment you will opt for, you may end up with serious complications. This is why there are certain things you should keep in mind before scheduling a laser skin treatment for yourself- whether it involves resurfacing, whitening or tightening.

  1. The person operating the laser is extremely important.

While laser treatments have become more affordable, they are still not something that you can just decide on in a few minutes. Many places offer extremely cheap deals and discounts, and it is important to not get swayed by those. The person handling your treatment needs to be experienced enough, since they can either dramatically increase your skin’s condition or can lead to harmful and dangerous side effects. The laser by itself will not harm your skin- however; the person operating the laser needs to be extremely cautious, since any fluctuations or even a slight wrist movement can result in burns and hyper-pigmentation. It is a good idea to always check whether your clinic has a cosmetic surgeon board approved by the national or provincial authorities.

  1. Always consult a dermatologist before scheduling your treatment.

Clinics offering laser skin treatments are not doctors. They are simply cosmetic professionals. Only a dermatologist will know your skin the best, and can advice you on what sort of treatment you need. Often, dermatologists will also direct you to the best clinics that are transparent and reputable. Your dermatologist can also tell you what wavelength of laser you should use.

  1. Ask questions during your consultation.

Every clinic will give you a consultation before scheduling your treatment. You should use this time effectively and ask whatever is in your mind. It is your money and your looks on the line, so do not hesitate even if you think your question sounds silly. For example, you may think that asking if a particular method is painful or not is silly- but in reality, some methods may make you feel pain and you should mentally prepare yourself.

  1. Have realistic expectations.

One session at the clinic will not suddenly transform you into a modern day Marilyn Monroe. In fact, laser skin treatments take very long to show effect completely and require a thorough aftercare and maintenance schedule. Therefore, you should have realistic expectations and be patient with your treatment. Following up is very important as well, to make sure your treatment lasts for a long time.