You’ve probably heard that the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our lives from the way we cook to clean to screw in a lightbulb. ​In fact, the smart home market is projected to grow to $40 billion by 2020​. That’s a staggering number of new goodies. And boy are we excited! Here’s a room-by-room list of some smart devices products that really deliver the ideas that we are pinching ourselves over, starting with the front door.

(Shut the) Front Door

Oh, you again. ​Tuya’s​ facial recognition doorbell remembers familiar faces so it never barks at the mailman. This home security system is poised to put a little humanity into home security and is part of a robust smart home network.

The Foyer

While the number of homeowners it takes to screw in a light bulb will not be changing, bright ideas in smart lights abound. Our favorite is ​eufy Lumos Smart Bulb ​which lets you choose between, oh, 16 billion colors via its app. And it works with voice assistants. Consider the mood set!

The Living Room

It’s undeniable that home entertainment systems and gaming sets have made mind-bending advancements, but we’re turning our attention to bossing the vacuum around with Alexa. Go ahead, rearrange the furniture and try to shake this bot’s confidence. The aptly named​ ​Ironpie can take it and clean like a champ because it’s a path-learning ninja. And it even costs less than the big players.

The Guest Bathroom

At $8000 it may not be for everyone’s powder room, but ​Kohler’s Numi Intelligent Toilet​ is definitely the shizzy. If its motion activated seat isn’t enough to impress your guests, the built-in speakers booming custom playlists, ambient club lighting, aromatherapy, and pre-set personal cleansing preferences (including seat and foot warmers) may never get them out of your house.

The Nursery

At first glance it looks like, well, a baby monitor but upon further inspection it might be a child genius. The ​Miku Smart Baby Monitor ​has the ability to capture live breathing waves and heart rates with absolutely zero contact. Miku even knows when you’ve been sleeping. It knows when you’re awake. Even. When. The. Internet. Is. Down. And. The. Baby. Is. Under. A. Blanket. What? Maybe Santa is real.

The Dining Room

You may have heard of the slow food movement, but have you heard of the slow fork movement? Consider yourself served. The ​HAPIfork​ regulates the amount you eat by retraining how quickly you eat. If HAPI is buzzing it is ​not​ happy about you shoveling all that in so quickly.

The Laundry Room

Who needs a housekeeper when you have ​Foldimate​, the clothes-folding robot? A hamper of clothes can be folded in about three minutes. And while nothing would smarten up your laundry room more than knowing how to fold a fitted sheet, even this robot can’t figure that out yet.

The Kids Room

If they’re bored with board games maybe your kids might fancy ​Mattel’s Pictionary Air​. Augmented reality lets them draw in open space – it’s greener than drawing on paper, seems like exercise and you can count it as tablet time if you’re negotiating homework.

The Den

About the size of a small refrigerator the ​Pepe Pet Dryer​ is an ingenious device that gives your toy poodle a sauna day by blowing dry air in an enclosed space airlock. And poof, in 25 minutes later you have a dry dog. Pepe also works on cats, but in this scenario we’ve taken the liberty of assuming you have a small dog that you groom in your den and consider a day 25 minutes.

The Kitchen

Finally, a refrigerator that can tell you how to cook its contents, tell you when food is spoiling and tell you that you forgot to close the door with a text.​ LGs smart refrigerator​ can also order ice for your party and play party tunes, so we forgive it about not knowing how to close its own door.

The Master Bedroom

We could have told you about a really great mattress here, but that’s really none of our business. Instead, we’d like to tell you about smart privacy windows. No need for curtains with

Halio​ smart-tinting glass that operates from cloud-based data automatically or on command with a voice assistant. As long as your partner is not named “Oh, Alexa Untint-Windows” you’ll have all the magical privacy you desire.

The Master Bath

Want to truly be the master of your bath? Then will it so! Tell Moen’s luxurious ​U-system​ to set the temperature to exactly what you like and not a degree more. Now pause. Now just the overhead. More to the right. Now let me use my phone to instruct you. Just do as I say shower. I command thee.

The Yard

Ok, it’s technically not a room but it has plenty of space… for suspicious activity. And if something seems amiss ​Sunflower Lab’s​ high-tech smart garden lights brighten into action sensing vibrations and differentiating between cars, animals and possible intruders. In the event of the latter, The Bee, an autonomous camera-equipped drone, will investigate and return to its recharging station, its Hive, if all is ok. If it’s not, expect your phone to blow up with some alerts.


So, if you are considering a remodel or just a few space-age robotic updates we hope our list has come in handy. And be aware, the rate of new inventions is higher than ever before in human history, so even as this is typed there’s probably a fresh minted goodie just looking for a new home.