The power to unlock any door, of an automobile or a property might feel pretty close to magic. A locksmith gets the opportunity to meet with new clients, and work with different lock mechanisms and multiple tools. Locksmiths can also perform some other odd jobs like helping through a lockout or installing safes just to earn additional income. Becoming a locksmith is a practical task. You learn different things by doing and hence experience forms the basis of a great locksmith. The pay might depend on the number of orders or the type of work a locksmith does. The pay of such a job is fairly good and tempts many people. But it’s not a perfect job with no shortcomings, rather this type of job might not please the taste buds of many people. Let us see what could be the positive and negative points for this type of trade.

The Good

  • Easy entry: You do not need to do a professional course for this job. Although the job is technical in nature but the apprenticeship form of training is well suited for this type of job. Learning about the locking mechanisms and engineering of the key on the internet/ magazine or on an on the job training might be effective enough to train a novice. Some experienced locksmiths are generous enough to teach you some inside tricks to hack a lock or duplicate a key.
  • The real service: Sometimes a locksmith’s work might include him to save someone. Multiple times, kids might get locked inside a home or a vehicle. In such a situation, the only relief to the worried parents might be the presence of a locksmith nearby.
  • The great supplement: Locksmiths can gain additional income by doing other jobs like selling safes, security systems or tools needed by households to take care of the physical locks. Many novice locksmiths might knock your door to learn the skills and technicalities of being a locksmith, and you could charge training fees to them.
  • Never ending season: Multiple locksmiths tie up with the agencies and get paid for the month and bonuses according to their performance. Others might have corporate or business clients who would give large orders over the time.



The Bad and Ugly

  • Full-time: Majority of the locksmiths provide services to tackle lockouts. As such a situation may arise with the client at any time of the day, they must be available throughout the day and even on weekends. The domestic disputes, evictions, and repossessions make the job pretty complicated.
  • The costs: There can be multiple costs which must be incurred frequently to work in this profession. Like many other professions, this profession is regulated and a number of licenses have to be paid for, like state locksmith license, insurance policies and other business and trade licenses. The cost for background checks should also be considered.

Costs like fuel, bonds and legal formalities etc. could take a small fortune for you to jump in this profession.