An indoor water fountain can greatly enhance your interior decor and give it a whole new vibe. It can not only add to the beauty, but also bring in a calm, serene feeling in the overall ambience of your residence or your workspace. An indoor fountain can be also stylistically modified and customized in a way where it resembles art. It could also be the centerpiece of your space. Investing in an indoor fountain could truly upgrade the overall aesthetic appeal of your place.

Nevertheless, like any other piece of decor, the indoor fountain has to be maintained as well; otherwise it will become more of a nuisance than anything else. Indoor fountains have to be maintained regularly so that they preserve their pristine condition.


Use Distilled Water
It is advisable that you use distilled water for your indoor fountains, as tap water, although not a major harm, could potentially contain chemicals or minerals that might corrode your fountains structure. Not just that, it could also leave stubborn stains on the body of your fountain that would be difficult to get rid of. Over time, this would definitely ruin the look of your fountain and add to its discoloration. There are several undetectable minerals and pollutants in tap water, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorine, lead and lithium.
The best solution to this is to use distilled water for your fountains. This would mean that you would be using pure water that is free from any pollutants and corrosive elements. It would also ensure that the water is not contaminated from any adulterants or impurities. Although distilled water costs more than the tap water counterpart, this is a small price to pay to keep you fountain in an immaculate condition for a prolonged period of time.


Keep Your Water Fountains Running

Keeping your water fountains on all the time can be beneficial for a lot of reasons. It really lengthens the longevity of your pump. It is because it will not get switched on and off continually over time. A good quality pump, if maintained properly, will last you at least for 3 years, extending onto 5. Keep the pump running to the point of exhaustion to get the most out of it. In addition, it will avoid any chances of stagnant water and thereby remove any risks of the accumulation of debris and build up. You can ask your fountain service provider for more information regarding the right pump.


Clean Your Fountain Pump

Make sure that you clean your fountain pump regularly. Even with all the precautions, there will always be a layer of rime and build up on it that needs removal. You can clean the pump by taking it apart and cleaning all the parts individually. You could use vinegar or a cleaning solution for this purpose.


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