Bulletproof cars have garnered a considerable amount of popularity in the recent decades for the security and the protection that they have unfalteringly provided to their clients. They are nothing less than a boon in situations like dangerous attacks, gun shootings, terrorist attacks, hijacking, and threatening accidents. Armored cars are known for their extreme resilience and durability in the face of perilous events. Despite that fact, bulletproof vehicles do necessitate a certain level of regular maintenance to keep functioning optimally and preserving in providing the same security and protection to the user. Otherwise, the car could be made more susceptible to debilitating conditions and damage that would weaken its performance.

Enumerated below is a list that would give you an insight into the maintenance of a bulletproof car to prolong its durability and ensure a standard degree of protection.


Wear and Tear of the Tires

Contrary to popular belief, the tires of an armored car are prone to wear and tear over time, just as the other components of the car. This necessitates that you conduct servicing regularly to keep up with the abrasion done to the tires due to the traction on the road.

Alignment of the Back and Front Wheel
Any misalignment of the front and the back wheel could materialize in an irregular and increased weathering away of the components of the car. The cars that have independent rear suspension or those which have the provision of front-wheel-driving are particularly in need of this verification. The manual guide to your car would help you in determining the correct alignment of the wheels that would be optimal for your car. This would additionally assure an extended life of your car.


Tire Wire

In case the armored car has been used extensively on the road, it is possible that the tires of the car have been unevenly weathered away. This contortion in the pattern of wear and tear could facilitate several conditions that might be unfavorable to the functioning of the car. The manual of the car will give you the right information for checking the original pattern of the tire. If this does not take care of the issue, you must pay a visit to the nearest service centre or the authorized dealer from whom you had bought the car. An uneven wire would foster misalignment and other associated problems that might impede the optimal working of the features of your armored car. Rotating tires could be one of the options you can rely on in this condition.

Multiple Hits Over Time

Bulletproof cars entail bulletproof exterior that aid in the protection of the passengers of the car. Although this is an indispensable feature of such cars, you would have to make sure that the car is properly maintained and services so that there is no diminishing of this feature over time. If your car has been subject to many attacks, especially in one particular area, there is a likelihood that the exteriors are not as infallible to bullet attacks as they were originally. In fact, they might also give away and break in the middle of the next attack. Therefore, be certain to keep up with the maintenance of the car as advised by your authorized car seller.

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