Moving comes with a lot of work where you have to pack, unpack and move to another place. Many people who choose to DIY their shifting are doubling the job as well as the risk factor of damaging their things. Moving is not easy during normal days; think about the ones for whom it is urgent to make a move during a pandemic. The wisest decision is to hire a professional moving company.


You might be concerned about the safety precautions as to how to keep yourself safe from getting germs when a team of men are working in your home packing, moving and shifting your stuff. Yes, it may seem daunting until you clear some facts.


Since everyone is aware of the pandemic situation and how contagious it is, many companies who are operating during the chaos knows exactly what guidelines need to be followed to keep everyone secure and complete their work. So is the case with moving companies!


Here are some tips that will help you if you must move during COVID-19-


1) Consider all the precautions- Proceed with your move but proceed with caution since you know we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Before you hire professional movers, check whether they are serious as you are about the COVID-19 and are considering even the minute safety measures. If they wear PPE (personal protective equipment), sanitize every place and have undergone a coronavirus test with a negative report, I think you are good to go.


2) Follow social distancing- Earlier, you would have welcomed anybody in your home, whether friends, relatives or even the workers but now the scenario is different. Although you are inviting the professional movers, yet social distancing must be followed. Avoiding crowds is the perfect way of maintaining social distancing. Even the expert companies would like send three to four trained men in your house for packing and moving, who will follow all the precautions. Secondly, it is important that you avoid direct contact with them, whether it is a handshake or standing and watching them work.


3) Ask important questions- Before you hire professional residential movers, find out how the COVID situation has altered their company’s protocols. You must ask them the following questions before you even become sure about hiring them-


  • What are your altered protocols during the pandemic?
  • How often do you monitor the health of your crew members?
  • What PPE kits and solutions due you use to sanitize?


4) Avoid paperwork- If you have ever hired professional movers, you might know it involves paperwork, so to be on the safer side, digitize everything. Paperwork must be completed virtually since it can transfer contagious germs.


5) Settle on your unpacking process- When you hire professional help, they complete the task at unpacking your stuff, but I would suggest you, as you are shifting to a new place, end the deal on the moving part and unpack the things on your own. You can negotiate the deal with the company at a discount since unpacking will not be involved.