Your wedding venue needs to be more practical and cost-effective than just being aesthetic because weddings are expensive and you would not want any logistical issue to dampen your big day. Before you list a few options and go for a site inspection, here are some of the things you should keep in mind. Remember, the perfect wedding is not just about having the nicest photographs and a beautiful setting. You should choose a venue if and only if it aligns with all your demands and meets your expectations.


  1. Pricing and availability.

First things first- you cannot extinguish all your savings on booking the venue because there are way too many expenses associated with a wedding. No matter how beautiful the area is, if it is beyond your budget then move ahead to the next one. There is no point in having a wedding when your bank balance is abysmal.

Secondly, wedding venues are usually booked months in advance, so you should ask if it is free to be booked on the day of your wedding. Also enquire about the difference in rates for different seasons and days (such as weekends).

  1. Payment options.

A reliable venue will have transparent payment policies, and you should go through the document carefully before signing. Usually, most venues ask for a booking deposit which they can use against a cancellation. Always make sure you ask them what services they include in the final payment and the rates of taxation. Finally, in case you would want to make last-minute changes, you should know how to go about it.

Coming to the most important part of any event, you need to make sure that their logistical team is well-equipped to handle any situation. Always enquire about the availability of rooms and bathrooms, parking spaces, noise restrictions, decor restrictions, capacity of the venue and emergency provisions in case of rain.

It is also important to know whether all these services are included in the payment or if you would need to pay separately.

Most venues have their own staffs that cater to events like weddings, so you should talk to the team to see if they are to your liking. If you want to hire vendors from outside, you need to enquire if that is allowed at all. Some wedding venues have a list of vendors you can choose from; this would be a more affordable option since they’re likely to have tie-ups with them.

  1. Point of contact.

On your big day, you cannot possibly look around for people to coordinate with you. There needs to be a person who would be your point of contact on the day regarding any issue you might face. Make sure to communicate your wishes well to this person and build a rapport with him/her.