If you own a huge backyard, porch or outdoor living space, then you deserve to enjoy in your extended place. Convert your outdoor living space into a hospitable area where you can organize home parties, recreational activities, welcome summers with a bash and many more.


Choosing the right theme, planning out material, and layout, finding all the right elements and assembling them into a masterpiece can be so rewarding.


If you are into DIYs then, the process may take longer and you may make mistakes while implementing the plan. If you are wondering where to start? I would suggest you hire a professional outdoor living space contractor who can interpret the size and space of your yard and come up with a better plan than yours.


Apart from taking the help, here are some natural elements that you can incorporate in your space to take it to the next level of comfort and eliteness-


 Add natural elements like air, water, earth and fire-


Natural elements can provide a different vibe to your outdoor living space. You can experiment with various things that are mentioned below-


Air- Take advantage of the weather conditions of your place; if you reside in a country with warm and humid climatic conditions, then make the most out of the natural air. It is obvious that you would have installed fans in your porch, but another way to experience the natural air is to make use of a beautiful feature in your yard called wind chime that can deflect air in all directions and produce sweet sounds. If you do not prefer to hear these sounds, then a wind spinner is a great choice.


Fire- A classic mainstay of outdoor living space is the fire pit. A fireplace can bring it the warmth and light. Who isn’t fond of those relaxing evenings around a fire pit as the heat of the day dissipates? Installing firepits and fireplaces in your porch is the altered traditional feature that many people have adopted, giving it a modern touch.


You can benefit from a fireplace in several ways- it could double up your sitting area and could be used all year long to spend warm evenings with your loved ones. Apart from using fire pits and fireplaces, the fire can be incorporated into lights and candles near the pathways and on the table in your porch to set the mood.


Water- If you are looking for a peace of mind, then adding a water feature like a fountain in the wall or the centre of your porch can offer peace and tranquillity. Small water features could have seating around to enjoy the sounds made by flowing water while large fountains are the focal point of your garden.


Earth- Although your porch contains shrubs, trees, and different species of plants but you can make that place more organized by taking care of them and adding hanging plants, colourful seasonal flowers, potted trees, or decorative herbs.