Repaving or paving an asphalt driveway can be a costly and messy affair. At the same time, it is necessary to provide your driveway with a secure layer, which not only makes it retain its strength for longer but also beautifies it. You cannot ignore coating your driveway with asphalt and you certainly cannot put the job in the hands of any inexperienced paving contractor.

If you are thinking of repaving your asphalt driveway, quality should be your prime concern along with getting the job done at the right price. Putting the work in the hands of an unprofessional can prove to be really disastrous for your driveway and it could cause a number of problems like pooling of water in the garage area. Also, the repair of such complications caused due to poor paving can actually be more costly than the actual repavement. It therefore, becomes very important to choose your asphalt paving contractor really cautiously.

Take note of the following tips, which will help you hire the best asphalt paving contractor:


The impulse after receiving a recommendation from a friend, family member or an acquaintance is to try it out immediately. Most of the time, you are likely to hire the first contractor whose information you receive as a recommendation from people whom you can trust. While the suggestion by a near and dear one can be relied upon, it might not necessarily mean that it will serve your purpose as well as it served theirs. They might have a similar problem as yours but might need a different solution than what you want and the company might favour their demand better than yours. It might lead to disappointment at the end. It is safe to shortlist 3-5 companies that you can compare from and choose according to what best suits your expectations.


If you have never got your driveway asphalt coated, it becomes important to know about the job first. Research on the web and ask your contractor about what he’s going to do and how. Understanding the job helps you to  negotiate better in terms of payment. If you are getting your driveway redone, there are only two things your contractor will do: they will either apply another layer of asphalt to the driveway or will tear the driveway up entirely to re-do it all over again.


Some companies might brag about their ‘special’ or ‘secret’ way of asphalt coating a driveway but research says that the process of asphalt coating or paving a driveway has not changed in thirty years. Some companies might also boast about high tech equipment but there’s no better way to do the job than the old way. It is better to be safe and stick around with the old way as it will be more reliable and guaranteed. Another thing to note is if the price sounds way too good and is much lower than the others, there might be a reason to be sceptical about the company.