Laser Treatment has gained its prominence in the recent decade. Generally, females are going on for different laser treatments to enhance their beauty to another level, and decrease their age. The laser treatment has also done wonders in skin therapy in the recent years, and people are generally undergoing it, to erase or reduce their wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and pigmentation, for instance freckles and sunspots etc. Now, this skin rejuvenation procedure, is also known as, laser resurfacing or laser treatment. Now, the laser skin rejuvenation is done with the help of a short, concentrated, direct pulsating beam of light, or which in other words are called laser. Since, these laser procedures can be very dangerous, therefore the, beam of light is always short and concentrated, so that it hits the right position at the right time.

Now, as we said that the laser procedure is absolutely dangerous, the laser ray treatments are done through using three lasers, which are, non-ablative and ablative lasers and fractional CO2 lasers. Now, which laser to use, is decided by the doctor, depending on the health condition of the patient and the patients skin.

Now, to make sure that the laser treatment works well for you, and the purpose is served, and also you enjoy the fruitfulness of the treatment for a long time to come, you really need to know how to prepare for this laser treatment. Below, in this article, we will see, some of the tips, which will help you in preparing for a laser skin rejuvenation procedure.

Use Retinoids-: If you would be undergoing a laser treatment, then you will see that the, doctors or the dermatologists whom you have consulted will ask you to use retin-A or retinoids in your screen. What this does, it thins the stratum or the superficial later of the skin, and helps the underlaying cells to divide and multiply faster, which is really needed in the laser procedure. Now, even if you have some of the retinoid cream left, after using it for days before the operation, you shouldn’t throw it out. You can also apply that after the operation, so that your skin gives a glossy look.

Bleaching Cream-: Aside from the retinoids, which thins the upper layer of the skin, you also need to use bleaching cream, before the laser treatment takes place. You will have to apply this bleaching cream every day before the procedure to make sure that your skin does not have other issues related to skin brightening and other things.

No Smoking-: Avoid smoking for a few weeks before the operation and a few weeks after the operation. Since, smoking basically lowers the blood flow, and hence, it will take longer to heal and more difficult.

Take Antibiotics-: We all know, that our skin is a protective layer which keeps away the bacteria and other harmful organisms from coming in to our body. Now, when the laser treatment takes place, this protective layer is temporarily peeled off, making the body more susceptible to virus.

Stop Taking Blood Thinning Medicines-: When you are preparing for the laser treatment, refrain from taking blood thinning medicines such as aspirin and other pain killers. This generally thins your blood, which is very bad for this procedure.


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