We all want to look good. In modern times, there has been many facial plastic surgeries which enable us to change our look profoundly. Rhinoplasty is one such type of facial surgery, which is also sometimes termed as a ‘Nose job’. Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed facial plastic surgeries. What Rhinoplasty necessarily means is that, changing the shape or the structure of the nose. Now, there might be several reasons why a person may want to undergo Rhinoplasty.

Our primary interaction point as humans, is through our eyes. What rhinoplasty necessarily does is that, it lets people focus on your eyes, rather than your nose, and that can only be achieved through a balanced nose structure. Now, who would undergo Rhinoplasty surgery?

  • Nasal Hump-: Nasal Hump is the most sought-after type of Rhinoplasty. Some people have a nasal hump or convexity on their nasal profile, and they need to undergo this type of a rhinoplasty. What necessarily happens in this rhinoplasty, is that the nasal profile is shaved off, and refined, so that the nasal profile comes back to a balanced shape.
  • Bulbous Tip-: Some people have a bulbous tip, which simply means that their nose gets in to a flat shape towards the end, which makes it look bad. It makes their nose look too flat for their facial structure. The person who has this type of a nose, often feel that there is a ball at the end of their nose. Now, rhinoplasty can necessarily refine the shape of the nose, or can make it better shaped, so that it looks sharper.
  • Wide Nose-: This is another reason that a person might want to go through the surgery. Having a wide nose, is mainly due to having wide bones in the nose. This can be corrected by rhinoplasty by, narrowing the wider bones, which can give their face a balanced look.
  • A Droopy Nose-: A Droopy nose is that situation when the face of a person looks long, or his/her upper lips get hidden by the droopiness of the nose. This generally happens because, the bones inside the nose cannot hold the skin, and hence it droops. This can be corrected through rhinoplasty, by lifting the tip of the nose, and by cutting the extra skin of the nose. Hence, it will enhance the proportions of the face, and hence the person will have a balanced facial structure.

Now, generally there are several reasons why people want a rhinoplasty. Here, are the possible reasons of why people want a rhinoplasty.

  • Self Esteem-: Sometimes, your facial structure can bring down your self-esteem, and you might not feel confident talking to people, because instead of eye contact, people always see your nose, and hence, you might feel uncomfortable. Rhinoplasty can normalize your nose, and hence, you will feel more confident.
  • Breathing Problem-: Sometimes, the patient might have problem in breathing, because having a clear nasal cavity is really necessary for breathing, and sometimes, wider bones, or droopy noses can block breathing, and cause breathing problems. Rhinoplasty can solve this.


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