Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? If yes, then you might be searching for some good ideas on remodeling bathroom on a budget. Just like you, many homeowners can’t afford costly renovations and look for some pocket-friendly alternatives. Luckily, there are options available that can bring wow-factor to your bathroom without expending much. Moreover, such improvements can help in gaining a higher return on investment.


So, let us look at some useful tips on how to renovate the bathroom on a budget.


#1. Repaint the walls of your bathroom. 

It is important to consider the walls first because the rest of the elements that you will buy for your bathroom will highly depend on the tone of the walls. Getting the paint job done in your bathroom can make it look new and fresh. Painting the walls of the bathroom with welcoming, and subtle colors can be a game-changer. If you want to leave a significant impact, then go for colors like yellow, red or orange. However, make sure to select such a color that does not irritate your eyes.


#2. Upgrading fixtures and hardware can make a huge difference.

Even the smallest detail holds power to make the boldest statement. It is the reason that you should consider renewing fixtures. They can instantly enhance the look of the bathroom at a lower price. You can even consider updating the door handles, towel racks and cabinets to improve the appearance. But, make sure to install the hardware that complements the walls and other features of your bathroom.


#3. Replace your old and boring countertops. 

Nowadays, you can easily get attractive and highly finished countertops for your bathroom at a lower price. Moreover, new and durable countertops can help in adding to the overall value of your home. Experts suggest if you want your bathroom to stand out, then get the granite countertops installed. Moreover, it is recommended to hire professionals only for the installation of new countertops.


#4. Renew the flooring of your bathroom. 

New flooring installed by a professional can change the way your bathroom feels. It can make the bathroom warm and welcoming. If done correctly, it can serve you for years, so make sure to hire the right floor installation company. If you ask for a suggestion, then hardwood flooring is the choicest option. It looks charming and manifolds the appeal of your bathroom. The best part is that hardwood matches with any color of the wall and any kind of interiors.


#5. Making plumbing updations where necessary. 

Major plumbing updations can be costly, so don’t go for them until and unless it is necessary. Some pocket-friendly remodel ideas are:

  • Replace your toilet seat and lid instead of changing it entirely.
  • Install a prefabricated shower.
  • Modernize your shower with a new system.
  • Renew your old shower curtain.