Driving at night has never been safe; rather it becomes more challenging when you are driving alone. The possibilities of road fatalities increase manifold as the human vision becomes incapable of seeing at night with depth perception, peripheral vision, and distinguishing color diminished. Moreover, when you are driving at 60 mph, it takes longer time to stop, giving no room for error.

Carjacking, abduction or falling prey to a police impersonator are also some of the other hazards faced, irrespective of your gender. Thus, if you are a frequent night time motorist, you should remember the following things to mitigate all sorts of risks when driving dark roads:

Plan the Route

Before taking a lonely route back to your home at night, make sure you have it perfectly mapped out in your head. This will not only save your commuting time but also ensure that you don’t get lost in a midway. Try not to opt for dark roads or the ones which you are not familiar with. This is important because forgetting or not knowing an alternative route back home can make you more vulnerable.

Also, keep your parents, family members, guardians or friends duly informed about your night trip with details like when you are likely to depart in the night and any stops you may make.

Be Alert On the Way

When you are on the roads, you have to remain the desired level of alertness to save your life and of others as well.  Do not text and drive and keep your eyes focused on the roads. Maintain a safe distance from the cars ahead and look out for any suspicious activity around intersections.

Ensure your vehicle is locked at all times and windows are not fully open. Park your cars on roads that are well-lit and avoid stopping for any stranger you see on the side of the road.

Take a Note of Fuel Levels

Even when you are not driving late at night, you should make a habit of filling your fuel tank when it hits a quarter, not when it shows you an alert. Driving a car having low levels of fuel or gas is not only inconvenient for you but also bad for your vehicle.

So, make sure your car has enough fuel to help you get to your destination safely and smoothly.

Call 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Life is highly uncertain and you never know when you encounter a mishap or car breakdown. Having the contact number of local roadside assistance or towing company on your speed dial will ensure that they are there for your immediate help or when you are stranded on the road.

They will take care of any towing or roadside problem you encounter at any time of the day and make special arrangements for your vehicle to get you on your way.