In various industries, when it comes to material handling, it is accompanied by several risks. It becomes even more unsafe when done manually as it involves tasks such as carrying, pushing and lifting heavy items. Such activities make the workplace dangerous for employees.


Moreover, material handling injuries can be expensive because of medical cost and a drop in productivity. It also decreases employee morale.


Being an owner of the organization, it is your duty to take preventive measures to reduce the injury rate and involve such practices that make your industry a safer workplace.


To help you in increasing the material handling safety, we have jotted a few noteworthy tips below.


  1. Provide personal protective equipment to your employees – These are crucial and must be provided to every employee at the workplace. Personal Protective Equipment prevents injuries that are otherwise difficult to avoid. Instruct your employees to use these equipment when performing different tasks.


The following is the list of Personal Protective Equipment that your workers need –

  • Gloves
  • Helmets
  • Safety goggles
  • Steel-toed safety shoes


Make it compulsory among your workers to wear protective equipment while working and also, train your new employees on the usage of protective gear.


  1. Use the right equipment – Material handling when done manually is not only risky but time-consuming and laborious too. Having the right equipment at the workplace can make the material handling process safer, faster and efficient. The right industrial trolley and material handling devices ensure the reduction in risk of injury.


If chosen carefully, the suitable equipment can make your workplace a safer place to work at and your employees would love to serve you for a longer time.


  1. Upgrade the equipment on time – Where using the right material handling equipment is crucial, upgrading it on time is even more important. If possible, try to include conveyor belts and forklifts to transport materials rather than carrying them manually. This will be highly beneficial as the productivity and profitability of your business will grow to a great extent.


  1. Reduce Ergonomic Risk Factors – Issues that cause unwanted physical fatigue in employees are ergonomic risk factors. Primary factors are stressful postures, highly repetitive motions, and forceful exertions. To reduce these factors and their effects, it is crucial to identify them. After learning about these factors, your next step should be to implement control measures to restrict the exposure of workers to all the possible dangers.


  1. Use proper body mechanics – In any industry, workers must use their bodies properly while handling different materials. Poor body mechanics can double the risk of injuries. It is recommended to use improved equipment incorporated with the latest technology. This step will benefit your business and the health of your employees too.


Further, being the business owner, it is your responsibility to encourage good biomechanics amongst the workers. Having a concerning boss will make your employees happier, and this will ultimately increase the productivity of your business.