The loss of a loved one is unbearable, and can never be compensated. A beautiful funeral service helps you connect with your deceased one for the very last time. Planning a funeral is amongst the least thought of moments of your life therefore, the emotional and financial stress of a funeral can take a toll on you. The average funeral costs around the world are: a funeral in the UK costs an average £3,700, New York City ranges in cost from $8,000 – $10,000, average funeral cost in Canada is $5,000 to $15,000 CAD and so on. The most costly part of the service is buying a funeral casket in a traditional funeral. This is where the costs of the entire funeral can be managed. Here are a few tips to help you in buying a funeral casket which will help you deliver a beautiful and respectful service and also save thousands of dollars.

  • Buy from a third party

It has been known that you can save up to 80% of the casket cost if you buy it from a third party and not from the funeral house. The funeral homes cannot force you to buy the funeral casket from them. It is mandatory for them to accept a consumers casket if purchased from any other source. You can buy a beautiful and cost friendly funeral casket online from reliable websites. There is a large selection of affordable, good quality caskets to choose from. By doing so you may experience resistance and resentment from the funeral house, but this is the best way to deliver a heartfelt funeral in an economic way.


  • Be aware of the “protective caskets”

Funeral caskets with sealers and rubber gaskets are a way of pressurizing you into buying something expensive owing to your emotional state. At that time your emotions are running high and you want the best for the person who has left you. Many sellers can take advantage of your this state of mind and try selling you expensive caskets with unnecessary features. These features cannot preserve the remains of your loved one forever or provide any kind of ease to them. All they do is add to your funeral cost.


  • Buy the suited material

Caskets are available in different types, the price range of which varies from material to material. The casket along with the deceased member, go back into the ground. So when buying a casket extra expensive material will be of no use. Simple wooden or generic metal caskets have lower prices and can be opted for. The material of the casket won’t define your love for the late person. You have to consider your financial status and capability while making the purchase.


  • Choose the right size

It is important to buy a funeral casket of the right size for the deceased. Oversized or undersized caskets can inflate or deflate the cost of the casket. Make sure that the body will fit completely inside the casket before making any purchase.


The cost of the funeral must never be associated with the value of emotions and honor you had for your loved one. So making economically and financially correct decisions is the right thing to do and the above tips will help you in achieving it.