Garages are one of the most functional spaces of your home. Their built and design helps to know what safety considerations must be made to keep them safe. It is not only about the safety of a garage but also the vehicles that are parked inside it.


Call a home inspection company who can inspect all the areas including garage, exteriors, HVAC and others for safety. But some people can carry out safety measures on their own. So, let’s have a look at the safety tips you should consider if you own a garage-


Lock-up Hazardous Material-


Garages usually contain harmful chemicals such as fertilizers, solvents, cleaning products, gasoline and car maintenance fluids. They must be placed in safe spots such as garage cabinets or high up out of reach of your children and pets. Some chemicals like fertilizers and propane tanks must be placed in sheds with adequate venting. Make sure to read instructions given on the product before you store them.


If not placed properly, these chemicals can be fatal and cause huge damage to property as well.


Proper Lighting-


Most garages have flickering fluorescent bulbs or incandescent lights to illuminate the entire area, which is not enough. It is essential to improve the garage’s lighting by installing the latest bulbs, LEDs that will provide uniform lighting everywhere. You will realize that working with tools and finding stuff becomes a lot easier under the bright light.


Store Sharp Tools Safely-


Sometimes children may play in your garage and can get injured because of those sharp tools that you kept carelessly after working for too long. Make sure to place sharp power tools such as rakes, shovels, pruners and ladder in a storage area.


A Slatwall storage system wall suits best to make the floor free from all the sharp tools and make your garage look spacious.


Inspect the Doors and Openers-


It is important to check your garage door periodically and the locks to ensure the safety of your vehicles from theft. Make sure to check if the garage door opener remote functions properly or not by testing the auto-reverse safety features, alignment of photo-eye sensors, and whether they are clean and unobstructed.


Keep the door opener remote out of reach of children.


Dispose of Old Stuff-


Dispose of the old paints and chemicals that are lying on your garage shelf since so many years. If you do not work often then there must be a great collection of these expire products such as half-used paint cans, solvents, cleaners, spray paint cans and others in your garage.


If you like working with mechanical things, then there must be lying a few old car batteries, vehicle parts, and tires in your garage. Disposing of this chemically hazardous stuff to your local recycling depot can remove potential poisoning and fire hazards from your garage.


Garage Inspection-


It is essential to contact a garage inspection company for time to time inspection of your garage. Besides assessing the place, they can guide you about safety measures too.