Proms are becoming trending as compared to disco nights for the leavers whether it’s a high school or a college. For many students, prom will be the last time when they will see each other. While for others, it is a perfect occasion to dress up well and seek attention.


Proms are all about finding the right partner to finding the perfect tux and dress for the big night. But there needs to be some planning for organizing the memorable prom for leavers. A lot of work needs to be done with the right plan, team and time.


To make things easy for you, here are some steps that will help you organize a perfect prom-


Form a Committee-


Before making plans, it is important to gather volunteers who are enthusiastic and excited about the event to form a committee. To gather more people, distribute and display leaflets and posters.


Appoint a leader that will supervise and delegate roles to others. Involve parents and teachers in planning to pace up the process. Once the team is formed, create a budget list to be approved by the higher authorities. Do check the details and expenses that can pop up at the last stage before getting it approved.



Select a Date and a Venue-


The very first task your committee should focus on is to decide a date and venue for the prom. Find a suitable time that will not clash with other schools events and most of your guests will be able to come on that day.


The next step is to book a hall for your prom. Decide the venue depending upon the number of guests, your budget and see whether it is available on that day or not. Visit various venues before approving the one.


For narrowing down your choices, contact Claire Port Place for booking a beautiful banquet hall for the prom.


Themes and Decorations- 


Choosing a theme is important because the decorations and the rest of the planning of event depend entirely on the theme. You can select a colour theme or related to a film or characters.


Decorations can involve lighting, pompoms, balloons, displaying images of leavers, flowers and other fun stuff.





When it comes to entertainment, proms are all about dance and music. Hire a DJ or a live band. If you want to stay in budget, then ask out in your college about some music band that can play for prom else hire a music band that is trying to get fame and will be ready to play for a few bucks.


Foods and Drinks-


To fuel up your guests, provide them with delicious food and drinks. You can add the refreshments in the budget or put up stalls to buy food.


If you have an easy budget, hire a caterer for the appetizers and main course. Arrange a bartender for drinks to keep your guests hydrated throughout the party since they will feel thirsty after showing those energetic dance moves.




It’s nice to capture some moments since leavers can keep a memory of their prom through these photos. Girls would love the idea since they wait for such days to get ready with the best of their dresses.