Smoking is often regarded as a stress buster by teenagers and adults who work in corporate sectors. Where one smoke cigarettes to get rid of the stress, others consider it to be a “cool thing.”


Many people become chain smokers at the end, even if they only smoke for a trial or once. But, yes, cigarettes can be addictive if you build your psychology in favour of cigarettes and take quotes like “cigarettes can relieve you of stress” seriously.


Neglecting the facts associated with smoking can actually lead you in big troubles. If you think that smoking cigarettes have a fatalistic effect only on your lungs, then let me ring the alarm for you! Smoking leads to many more health problems. Have a look and quit smoking by consulting a specialist or joining a program-


It can lead to premature ageing- If you are looking for a solution to make your skin appear younger and smooth, quit smoking. You may wonder why there are signs of ageing, even if you are in your twenties. Applying all sorts of creams and taking beauty treatments won’t alter the situation until you throw away those cigarettes.

The tobacco and chemicals present in the cigarettes can constrict the veins and other blood vessels, restricting the flow of blood; which is why the capillaries become prominent under your eyes, and your face looks dull.


It causes colorectal cancer- Smoking cigarettes affect your digestive system, attacking the intestine. If you smoke cigarettes daily and in large quantities, you can develop intestinal cancer known as colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is widespread in America and the second leading cause for the death of people.


It can affect your eyesight- What did you think; you will only get dark circles? If you feel your eyes are drying out or your vision is blurring out, it is probably because of smoking excessive cigarettes daily. Smoking can damage your optic nerve and can even enhance the risk of getting a cataract.


It affects your heart and blood vessels- Smoking constrict blood vessels and limit the flow of blood to your organs. Secondly, the chemicals present in the cigarette can lead to the formation of blood clots by making your blood thicker. These reasons are enough to cause a heart attack and other heart problems.


It causes gum diseases- The smoke that you inhale is terrible for the bones as well. Your teeth may become brittle and fall off early, or you may get a gum disease known as periodontitis that attacks the teeth bones.


It leads to fertility issues in women- Women are also not safe if they gasp smoking products. They may have problems in conceiving or giving birth. Besides, they may have hormonal abnormalities, causing other issues.


Learning some of the major causes of smoking cigarettes, you must have understood how injurious it is for your health. If you have made up your mind, then join a quit smoking program and consult a specialist to help you overcome the situation.