Head lice are extremely troubling. For instance, lice goes on to grow in number, the annoyance and irritation they create also upsurges. It is very maddening when you start to feel itchy on your head and start to scratch. They can be very troublesome as you end up getting rashes behind your ears and at the back of your neck. It is also awkward and uncomfortable to be noticed scratching your head particularly in public. Head Lice can affect any person of any age and any gender. On the other hand, children and girls are more predisposed to to getting infected with them. Prior to the fact that lice grow in number, it is significant to find them immediately and get rid of them right away. Finding them right then and there would assist you in removing them and get rid of them before they get to replicate. Here are some tips and suggestions so as to help you to spot lice.

You need to keep a special comb that can do away with them from your hair and a piece of white cloth or white paper. This special comb is easily available in pharmacies and supermarkets. While combing your hair, you have to tip down the brush and start brushing from roots to tips over the white piece of cloth or paper. Continue the process of brushing while taking note of the small particles falling into the white cloth. You may not succeed in removing all of the lice instantaneously but skins cast off by young lice will be scrapped off by the comb. It may be difficult to spot them when your hair is dry as lice have the capability to simply and freely run away and hide in other areas.

In the meantime, it is really difficult to spot them with dry hair, so make sure you wash your hair and leave it damp. Prior to the usage of the lice comb, settle your hair for the starters with the use of a regular comb and apply a conditioner on them. When you comb your hair with the lice comb, make sure that you do not miss any section or any corner. This can be accomplished by dividing your hair in different sections and brushing each section. After you are done brushing, wipe the comb with a tissue and check if you see lice on it.

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