Are you a hardcore smoker who has failed to accomplish the New Year’s resolution of quitting smoking? Thousands of smokers all around the globe make such resolutions every year but very few can withstand their resolutions. For someone addicted to tobacco cigarettes quitting smoking requires motivation and multiple attempts. So if you have failed repeated attempts to quit smoking, here’s is an alternative.

These days more and more smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes to slowly reduce their desire for tobacco smoking. Electronic cigarettes have taken the global market by a storm and its popularity continues to rise. The e-cigarettes are adopted at an exponential rate and today everyone from celebrities to the normal people is opting for e-cigs. In fact, it’s believed that the consumption of e-cigarettes could surpass consumption of traditional cigarettes within a decade. So if you also want to steer clear of the dangerous effects of tobacco cigarettes, switch to e-cigs today. Here are the top reasons that explain why switching to e-cigarettes is the best option for smokers.

Less Toxic

The biggest reason to opt e-cigarettes is the health benefits it has over the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes have the nicotine but it is free from other harmful chemicals that cause respiratory problems, cancer, and many other harmful diseases. These non-conventional cigs are available in several types. This means that you can get e-liquid in multiple strengths and gradually lowering your nicotine intake. The e-cigs are tobacco-free which means it doesn’t produce smoke, ash or tar. This is not only beneficial for regular smokers but also for people who live with them. Also, since it’s tar-free, your teeth will not get stained.

Get the Same Smoking Sensation

Unlike other smoking alternatives, e-cigs replicate the same smoking sensation. The nicotine patches and chewing gums available in the market to assist in quitting smoking fail to simulate the effect and feel of original smoking. But when you inhale e-cigarette, you get the same feel at the back of your throat. Some e-cigs are even designed in a way to give you the same feel of holding a traditional one. You will see a cloud of smoke-like vapor and a realistic amber-red light when you inhale. This means you get the same smoking sensation while avoiding the bans.

Delicious Flavor Options

With electronic cigarettes, you get a flavor advantage over tobacco cigarettes. The traditional cigarettes come only with tobacco and menthol but e-cigs offers several options. The e-liquids are available in several great flavors such as vanilla, mint tea, coffee, chocolate, cherry, and more. This means you can find a flavor that matches your personal taste preference. You can even choose specific blends or types of tobaccos. Various companies are also producing exotic fruit combinations and even flavors of your favorite beverages like pina colada.

No Smell

It’s quite easy to identify a smoker by the way a person smells. The smell of tobacco cigarettes permeates your mouth, clothes, hair, home, car, and even skin. This stale smoke smell can be repulsive for many people. But when you use e-cigarettes, you will no longer be smelly because e-cigs have a very mild odor.


Note: This article is not intended to motivate people to start smoking. The purpose is to educate habitual smokers about why switching to e-cigs can be a better option.