The most widely heard term nowadays is Rhinoplasty which is a nose surgery. It is a type of cosmetic surgery, which makes the nose look more appealing. The enhancement can be made possible on any place within the nasal area. These enhancements can be of varying degree. It can be increasing or decreasing the size of nose; changing the shape of the nose, nostrils and bridge; providing nose a better position; correcting the birth defect that has affected the nose area; removal of hump from the nose; and reconstructing the nose that has been deformed due to injury.

Whenever thinking about going for a Rhinoplasty, you should be first aware about the various procedures involved in it. After having a complete knowledge about the various procedures, then only you should choose the one for yourself.

First method for Rhinoplasty is what is known as open method. In this method, many cuts are made within the nose and one cut is there in the cartilage of the nostril. Since, the nose will be open so the doctor will do necessary changes to give an appealing look to the nose. This method is the preferred one because it helps the doctor to see the entire structure of the nose. However, the drawback of this method is that there will be tiny scars that will be left on the nose.

Another method is the closed method where a cut is made within the nose and the cartilage will be taken away first and then will be formed again. The advantage in this case is that there will no scar on the nose and the procedure will be completed faster.

There is a non-surgical method too which allows to give a proper shape to the nose without any surgery. This can be done by injecting some materials inside the nose as to give it a proper shape.

Lastly, there is a procedure called nasal implants which uses silicon as a material to give a proper shape and size to the nose. This procedure ensures the well-developed nose.

These are some of the methods of Rhinoplasty which should be known beforehand and also the cost of each method should be looked at so as to choose the right method which will give good results.

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