Making a decision is not difficult but remaining consistent in fulfilling that decision is. Similarly, many obese and heavily weighted people make frequent attempts to lose weight, but only the ones sticking to their routine becomes successful.


You can read various home remedies on the internet, follow a motivational speaker or your family members may guide you about the dos and don’ts during your weight loss journey. Keeping your mind soaked in that information and carrying out other responsibilities can be daunting and you may fail in your initial attempts.


Therefore, I would suggest you to always consult a weight loss consultant who will remain by your side to push you through your weight loss journey. It is better to be guided by some professional in the early stage to stay on the track rather than wandering and asking people only to give up after a few days.


Here are some tips to consider during the initial stage of your weight loss journey-


1) Log Your Intake-


When you write down the calories, you come to know about what exactly you are consuming and it can play with your psychology. Many studies have shown that people who keep a food diary or the calorie intake app lose twice the weight as compared to the ones who do not keep a track.


This will help you set a goal of how much calories you must take during the day. For instance, you can install an app and feed your body weight that will reveal how many calories you must take during the day. If your weight is around 55 Kg, the calorie intake is limited to 1500 calories/day.


2) Cut Out Oily Food and Sodas-


Adapting to healthy habits may sound daunting, but once you find the substitutes, you will realise how healthy they are for your body. For instance, try replacing your substantial, greasy breakfast with oatmeal or baked eggs. Consume more protein, leafy vegetables and fruits with plenty of water. Find healthy snacking options by ditching the fried food.


You can gain a lot of knowledge regarding the food you must take by consulting your weight loss specialist since he/she can guide you about the type of food you must consume depending upon your body type to shed maximum weight.


There is a vast difference between taking a diet and fasting most of the time to reduce weight. A healthy diet will provide you with the right energy to break the fat, whereas keeping your stomach empty will slow down your metabolism of breaking the food.


3) Exercise Regularly-


You cannot think of losing the stubborn fat without including exercises in your schedule. Cardiovascular exercise is the key to lose weight. Strength training and exercising every day will not only cut the unwanted fat but also keep you active throughout the day and improve the functioning of various parts of your body. The results may not appear immediately, but staying consistent and sticking to a routine can be rewarding.