Smoking is undoubtedly injurious to health and  the same is not realized until it becomes worse. Earlier adults were obsessed with smoking but nowadays, teenagers have outshined them and have made smoking a trend. Especially children between 16 to 20 years of age try smoking for fun and they do not realize when that fun transforms into a bad habit.

No doubt quitting smoking can be challenging but it is not entirely impossible. With a little patience, tenacity and perseverance, the urges can be fought. Speaking of now, there are so many ways available to help you overcome the problem of smoking. Various therapy sessions, counseling and hypnotherapy, are some of the methods that aid you in breaking your habit of smoking.

The moment you decide to quit smoking that would be the best decision of your life as you would be sparing your life some wonderful years ahead. The whole process of quitting won’t be easy at all. The toughest would be to fight cravings because sometimes these cravings become so severe that it makes you forget everything. In order to beat those cravings, you need to follow certain measures. Let’s talk about those measures in detail:

Involve in some physical activity:

  • There is no doubt that beating those cravings is hell of a task. Sometimes they can get so severe they you might even end up losing control on yourself. But with a little patience, efforts and will power, nothing is impossible.
  • The best way out to fight those cravings is keeping yourself busy in some kind physical activity. It could be anything be it running, jogging, playing badminton. Getting even slightest involved in any kind of activity will help you with your cravings.

Meditation and relaxation:

  • Meditation and relaxation are two ways which help your body relax. It helps you keep calm in those times when cravings become extremely severe.
  • Basically people start smoking in a way to deal with their stress and resisting those cravings can itself be a lot more stressful. Try to manage your stress by opting some meditation and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, muscle relaxation, listening some peaceful music. All of these methods will help you balance your stress and obtain a positive outlook in your life.
  • It won’t be easy at all to manage those cravings but with regular mediation and relaxation you will soon be able to fight back those urges.


Keep yourself busy:

  • Keep yourself busy in one way or the other because the more you would stay idol the more your mind would wander and the more you will think about smoking.
  • Enroll yourself in some fun activity. It could be art sessions, yoga sessions or gymming sessions. Since you would be physically and mentally involved in some activity, your mind would stay on track and you won’t think about smoking.
  • Engage yourself with your friends, hangout with them. Sit more with your family and spend time with them. All of this will help you beat those awful cravings.