Spraying chain lube is a very common chain and sprocket maintenance practice. It is always on the rider’s to-do-list before going for a ride. But other than applying chain lubricant, there are many maintenance tips that one should consider to keep their vehicle in its smooth working condition.

To help you know how to maintain chain and sprocket, we are here with this article. So, read on to know all the maintenance tips.


  1. Keep the chain clean – To ensure the longevity of the chain, it is recommended to use the product, which is specifically designed to clean the chain. It is so because power washing trap water inside the roller, and harsh solutions can break the O-rings. Also, don’t forget to inspect the chain for wear and tear before every ride. Look for hooked teeth on the sprockets, check rollers for any damage, and inspect the master link.


  1. Make sure the chain is adjusted properly – Proper adjustment of the chain is essential for the life of rider as well as for protection against any damage. A loosely placed chain can jump teeth, bust the engine, or slap the wheel. Also, too tightly fixed chain can overload the counter shaft when the suspension moves through the stroke. Because of this chain has to face a lot of stress and it wears out soon. Thus, the correct adjustment is very important. You can find more about the proper adjustment of the chain in the owner’s manual.


  1. Examine the state of the sprocket – Not only the chain, but sprocket is also an important part of your vehicle. The look of the sprocket is highly dependent on the way you ride your bike. The teeth of the sprocket become sharp if you accelerate and deaccelerate fiercely. An idol sprocket should have flathead and thus serve you for a longer time. If your driving is harsh, then you have to replace the chain and sprockets after short time intervals.


  1. Choose the right chain lube – Different chain lubes are made for specific purposes and can only meet the conditions they are made for. So, always choose the one that is suitable for your chain.


  1. Replace at the right time – With regular usage, chain, and sprocket wear out. Steel sprockets are durable than aluminum ones. However, hybrid sprockets are also available for a lighter and durable alternative. To check if the chain needs replacement or not, push it in the horizontal and perpendicular direction of travel. If it deflects more, then it is time to replace it.

If you think, replacing chain alone will work, then it is not so. It is advised to replace the chain and sprockets at the same time after two to three continuous replacements of chain only. Otherwise, the new chain will not work efficiently because of worn-out sprockets.

Remember to buy chain and sprocket set from a trusted source only.