While designing a room for toddlers we often make mistake by creating one that is similar to normal rooms. For younger kids, the montessori inspired room design is variant from the traditional nurseries. Their rooms are well decorated and furnished with montessori furniture and have floor beds in place of cribs. As children grow, these montessori inspired rooms need to be upgraded from time to time depending upon the requirements of your children. Montessori inspired rooms are well equipped with Montessori materials that are safe for your kids and help in developing their skills and senses.

Thinking of setting up a montessori inspired room for your wards? Here are some tips that will aid you in building a montessori inspired room for them.


While designing a montessori inspired room for your children, the most important thing to be considered is their independence. The room should be free from any kind of obstructions and barriers. Since it is their room, anything you bring in that room should not pose a restriction to their freedom. The montessori inspired room should allow the children to exercise their movement without any hurdles. You should make sure the toys, books, clothing and personal items are placed at appropriate places making it easier for them to reach the respective shelves. Saying it more appropriately, the montessori inspired room should enable children to reach out for things themselves.


The comfort level of toddlers should not be compromised with. Make sure the temperature of the Montessori inspired room is suitable for your children. The montessori inspired room being consistent with the requirements of infants should not disturb their sleep. There should be proper mattresses, cushions, and blankets to make your wards comfortable in the room. Further, the fabrics used in the room must be natural and soft. You must look for a bed that your children can crawl in whenever they want.


The Montessori inspired room for children should not have technological gadgets. Nowadays, instead of doing physical activities, children have started developing their interests in tech gadgets. So steps should be taken to draw their attention from ipads, smartphones, and televisions to those activities that play a significant role in their growth. The montessori inspired rooms must be free from electronics and technology.


Safety of children strikes the minds of the parents every time they are playing with toys. The Montessori inspired room should contain all the equipment that is safe for your children. Make sure the montessori inspired room is free from any dangers.


The environment of the Montessori inspired room should be friendly and one that helps the children to learn. All the toys and tools of the room should help in enhancing the learning power of the toddlers. For this purposes, the room can have playing blocks, puzzles and a good amount of books that assist your children in learning and developing skills. A learning scenario boosts the self-confidence of children and enhances their capabilities.

You can make the Montessori inspired room more innovative by painting them as per the choice and preferences of your children. Doing this makes the infants open up more with their preferences and guides you to have a deeper insight of the likes and dislikes of your children.