Today, most of us are really obsessed about how we look. Sometimes, our looks influence our personal life, and sometimes it goes a long way in determining our professional life as well. If you have a problem of acnes and blemishes on your skin, then it is always better to rejuvenate your skin with a laser treatment. Laser treatment has been certified as a great way to get rid of blemishes on your skin, caused by accidents or acnes. Moreover, it will also make you skin look healthier and rejuvenate your skin.

Now, in the recent days, with the advancement of laser technologies, there are various ways of laser treatment such as the fractora laser and the lumeca laser. Fractora laser is predominantly for, fractional skin resurfacing which is generally applicable for a fraction of a body, while the lumeca laser, is generally for a part of a body wholly. Now, to actually determine which kind of a laser treatment would be best for you and suit your body, would depend on several issues and that can only be determined by a doctor.

Reviewing Your Medical History

During the time that you go to the doctor, the doctor will ask you about your medical records and if you have some of the tendencies. For instance, the doctor will ask you, if you have allergic tendencies or if you have cold sores then and now. You need to answer to these questions very carefully, because this will decide what kind of a laser treatment will you go through. In fact, it is also important for the doctor to know what are the current prescribed medications you take in every day. They will also ask you, if you have taken Retin-A or Accutane medications at any point of time.

Aesthetic Goals

When it comes to surgeries, it is very important for the doctor or the surgeon to know about what your goals are. Initially, when you go to the surgeon, they will check what are the areas that needs to be laser treated. After that, when the doctor has identified the areas which can be treated, then comes the part where you will be asked for your inputs. Generally, in laser treatment, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and acne scarring can be treated.

Quit Smoking

If you smoke extensively, and still want to undergo laser treatment, then the doctor might instruct you to stop smoking pre-surgery. Since, smoking enhances wrinkling, therefore, it is important to stop smoking before one goes for a surgery. Moreover, smoking constricts the blood vessels, which in turn delays the whole healing process.

Caring for Your Skin

Before going for the surgery, your surgeon may instruct you to go through a basic skin care protocol, which will rejuvenate your skin up till the extent, which is needed for the surgery to happen. There would be several prescribed lotions and creams which you would have to apply from time to time. Before the laser surgery, it is also advised not to be under the sun for long time.

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