Broken roof tiles, old shingles, inadequate thermal insulation and blocked eaves trough are a sign of an old and worn-out roof. Your roof goes through a lot when it comes to protect you from harsh weather conditions, burglars and sneak peek. There comes a time when your roof structures, insulation and shingles need to be replaced with the latest standards.


Your obsolete roof can get damaged further if not taken care of immediately. It can fall from the weak side, it can lead to water leakages during the time of rain, or it can be a hiding place for intruders like birds and animals. Therefore, think before you overlook the matter.


You can always replace the broken parts with the new one-  replacing the eaves trough and shingles, installing a new chimney, repairing the deck and ridge and many more.


Here are some essential tips that will help you in your roof remodelling process-



1) Keep in mind your home’s architectural design-


Your roof replacement should look exactly like the one that matches the architectural style of your home. For that, you need to select the materials that blend with the design of the rest of the house.


For example, if your house has marble cladding, then the roof must have shingles of navy blue color to match with it.


2) Check for proper sheathing and decking-


Change the old deck of your roof as it may become vulnerable to mold and mildew due to water leakages. Decking is an essential part of a roof. It is usually made up of plywood that reinforces the structure of the roof. It acts as a nail board for the shingles.


3) Install new shingles-


You can always replace the broken shingles with the new one that matches with the old one but finding the exact piece becomes difficult sometimes. Therefore, the other option would be installing the new one.


Shingles must be installed with proper care since they require eight nails to hold them. You can find shingles of various materials, sizes and textures as per your needs.


4) Replace your eaves trough-


Eaves troughs are an essential part of the roof since they carry the gathered water down into gutters. If they get broken or are unclean, the water will clog the pipes and put pressure on the roof, making it weaker.


Therefore, get the broken eaves trough repaired or replaced with the help of professionals. New and clean eaves trough will allow the water to seep into gutters keeping your roof free from water.


5) Adequate ventilation of the attic-


The attic is the space under the roof. It must be adequately ventilated to protect the roofing system against the excessive heat during summers and moisture that builds up during winters. Proper ventilation won’t allow the moisture to get trapped in the attic that can dampen the walls of the roof later causing a weakening effect. Therefore, use dehumidifiers in the attic if possible.