It is easy to focus on the decor of the restaurant and invest more in it when it comes to renovations. But have you thought about making restroom a part of your improvements too? If not, then you should know that restrooms can play a major role in the success of your restaurant business. Poorly maintained and dirty looking bathrooms are a turn-off for customers.


People notice a lot when they show up at your place to spend quality time, but if they find out a restroom that’s unhygienic and full of bad odors, I bet you they will not show up again to your place. That can cause some serious business loss!


Whether it is a leaky toilet, ripped off wallpapers, dingy floor tiles, obsolete sink area or a broken lock, renovating your restroom can make a difference. Renovations do require energy, money and power but planning it smartly can lead to power results for your customer’s satisfaction. Here are some restroom upgrade tips to consider-


1) Choose Your Focus Wisely-


Bathroom renovations can cost you a lot of money and rarely any owner budgetizes it. Therefore, select the areas that need an up-gradation despite renovating everything. Sometimes it is just the sink or toilet seat that needs a replacement, maybe a change of bathroom tiles and colors or simply sprucing up the place.


Only the bathrooms that haven’t been touched in many years need to be renovated wholly. If yours is the same case, then go for making a significant change.


2) Set a Budget-


Set a budget once you have highlighted the areas for changes. Do some research on the material and labor to track your budget because once you exceed your budget; it can disturb your restaurant finances. Therefore, make sure you have some extra dollars in the pocket to make your renovation project work smoothly.


3) Embrace Timeless Aesthetics-


Classic designs never go out of style. They are more welcoming. Achieving a classy look is simple as you have to focus on the details – pairing the general design of the restroom with the similar looks of the common areas outside the restroom.


Stick to neutral colors for floor tiles or countertops that are changeable. Incorporating partitions made up of stainless steel can maintain privacy and are easy to clean. Besides partitions, a little texture element can enhance the visual interest and this could be done by installing metallic tiles on vertical surfaces, especially the wall behind the toilets. Metallic tiles are durable and can be cleaned effortlessly.


Sinks must be subsumed in a countertop with mirrors separated through partition in the wall. Toiletry and dryer should not be forgotten since you would not like to disappoint your customers with the lack of bathroom amenities, especially when they want to wash their hands with soaps.


4) Schedule the Work-


Find a contractor who can work according to your restaurant schedule since you don’t want to close the restroom for your guests. The work could be broken into parts so that it is easy for your guests to use the restroom.