Body piercings are one of the most common trends especially amongst teenagers and youngsters. Piercings are a way to modify one’s body by cutting the skin to make space to place accessories such as jewelry. Body piercings have been a tradition that has been practiced by several ancient societies since time immemorial. It is also not a tradition that was restricted to only males or females.

The most common body modifications that are seen are multiple ear piercings as well as eyebrow piercings, nose piercings, lip piercings, as well as belly button piercings. A less popular piercing that is seen is the tongue piercing, this is mainly because of the associations made with it. Tongue piercings are usually not allowed in schools and are even frowned upon in most workplaces. But, this does not mean that one must not get a tongue ring inserted.

An alternative to a traditional tongue ring is using a tongue ring retainer. The most common association made with retainers is dental braces however, this is not what we’re talking about when it comes to tongue rings. These alternative tongue rings are made out of acrylic and look clear and are less prominent and visible than metal rings. Tongue ring retainers are often used as replacements for the more traditional tongue rings especially during hospital procedures such as x-rays, MRIs, surgery, as well as dental operations. Additionally, these rings can also be used when going to work or attending classes in school or university. It is quite a simple process to remove and replace the tongue ring whenever it is necessary.

People who have worn these retainers in the past have only had good things to say about them, mainly about the convenience of their use as well as its appropriateness for their work and schools as well. Additionally, wearing the retainer does not reduce the ‘coolness quotient’ of the piercing in the least. In fact in some cases, people choose to wear plastic retainers over metal rings simply because they are extremely comfortable. This is because they are lightweight and made of plastic instead of heavy metal. Some of the more popular colour options seen in plastic retainers are bright pink and orange. So, these can also be options that are picked for their comfort rather than to make it less visible to the eye.

Lastly, another reason that these plastic rings are preferred over metal rings is because they are simply a more convenient alternative to just constantly removing the ring and leaving a gaping hole. The disadvantage of not putting in a replacement ring is food getting stuck and this leading to further complications or even an infection. This in turn can result in you having to permanently stitch up the piercing in your tongue.

To conclude, plastic tongue ring retainers are the best option for you if you are juggling a job or school along with your regular life. You don’t have to give up a unique aspect of your personality! Instead all you have to do is make a few changes to your daily routine and everything else will be as you want!

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