When a woman gets pregnant she gets the world’s biggest happiness in life. She keeps the baby in her womb for nine months and everyday plans for something new that she would do for her little bundle of joy. Being a mother is the biggest happiness for a woman because it not just gives her a new status of being a mother but also brings a new strength in her relationship with her husband. According to Gynecologists, to have a healthy pregnancy, the would-be-mother must do some exercise during her pregnancy as it keeps the mother and baby healthy and happy.

Exercises for pregnant women do not involve exercises that require a lot of strength but some light exercises that involve a little effort. Such exercises keeps the mother healthy, happy, gives her strength, increases stamina for handling the increasing body weight, provides her the strength for giving birth to the baby and yes it also maintains the mummies figure when her baby is out in the world. Best exercises that you can do during pregnancy with an ease are:


  1. Walk, Walk and just walk!

Walking is the easiest exercise and also boosts up the mommies mood when she sees little cuties out in the park playing. Walking also prevents problems like indigestion and acidity during pregnancy and gives the mommies a good time to have a little chit chat with her friends. The most affected parts of a mother’s body are back, knees and ankles. Walking is an exercise that has a very low impact on your knees and ankles and also gives you a chance to move yourself from the bed that you are bound to by your family.



  1. Swimming

Relax, swimming is allowed during pregnancy. Swimming is an exercise that has the lowest possibility for a mother getting injured. So, go swim to-be-mommies. This exercise in water helps in boosting your stamina and does not affect your ankles and knees. At times, you get bored of just walking and wish to do something new. Swimming is an exercise that does not pressurize your joints, makes you fresh when you are in water and also helps you in maintaining your calories count as swimming helps you the best in burning the extra calories you take.



  1. Pranayam

Pranayam is the best yoga asana for a pregnant woman as it not just helps in releasing the carbon dioxide out of the body but also helps in releasing all the negativity from the body. This pose is very important for a pregnant woman and the beautiful soul inside her. To get into this position, sit on the mat with your legs crossed. Then slowly put your left foot on right thigh and right foot on the left thigh. Slowly inhale, hold for 5 seconds and exhale. This helps in boosting up the mother’s mood and keeping all the stress and negativity out of the body. All you need for this pose is a clean environment where you can relax and feel the beauty of your surroundings.



  1. Stationary cycle

Stationary cycle is one thing that does not have a bad effect on mommy’s health. This exercise helps in a good blood circulation in the knees and thighs and releases the stress in it. Cycling is one thing that everyone enjoys and here the mothers can get something new to do. Stationary cycle also benefits in making the spine erect and strengthening the muscles.



  1. Low- impact aerobics

Low- impact aerobics is something that involves little efforts and helps in releasing stress of the body. A good music, an experienced trainer and an energetic you is all you need. The music along with exercise is something that can make you more energetic and exercise in a better way. Low- impact aerobics helps you in strengthening in lungs and heart and also tones the muscles. These aerobics help you in maintaining your calories that you have gained and wish to lose it. Aerobics help you in burning these extra calories. So don’t worry and feel the music and have a good set of exercises.



  1. Twisted pose

Twisted pose is known to be the best yoga asana for pregnant women as it helps in making the spine erect and strengthening the muscles of spine. This exercise is very important for pregnant women as carrying the baby weight may lead to pain in spine that can be released with the help of this pose. For this, sit on the mat with legs straight. Then cross your left leg over the right leg and try to twist your torso towards the left side. Hold for a couple of seconds and come back. Repeat 5 times on one side and then change the side.



  1. Tadasana (palm tree pose)

Tadasana or the palm tree pose helps in maintaining physical balance as sometimes pregnant women tend to lose balance with the increasing baby weight. To enter into this pose stand straight, then slowly bring your hands above your head with a namaste and slowly stretch on your heels. This pose strengthens your spine and clears any type of congestion in spinal nerves. It also stretches abdominal muscles and keeps the body toned.



  1. Marjari asana (cat stretch pose)

Marjari asana, also known as cat stretch pose is known to be the best way to strengthen the spine and making it capable of handling the baby weight. Sit on the mat with your buttocks on your foot. Slowly put your hands forward straight on the floor with back straight parallel to the floor an stretch your neck up. Then turn your neck down and stretch your back upwards. Hold for a few seconds and then back straight parallel to the floor. Repeat atleast 5 times. This pose will help you in strenghtening your abdominal muscles and toning them.



  1. Bhadrasan (Butterfly pose)

Bhadrasana or the butterfly pose helps the mommy in releasing the stress from the inner thighs and legs. All you have to do is sit on the mat, and join your feet like doing namaste with your feet and try to push your knees down with your hands and lift up a bit. This will help you in toning you knee muscles and making your thighs feel relaxed and free.



  1. Parvatasana (mountain pose)

Parvatasana, also known as the mountain pose, helps you in strengthening your back and making you relieved from the back pain that is disturbing you. It also improves your posture when you sit normally. For this all you have to do is sit on the floor with crossed legs and back straight, and then raise your hands doing a namaste. Hold for a few seconds and then relax. Repeat in 3-4 times.

Parvatasana women


This way pregnancy becomes easy and relaxed without any pains or discomfort in the body. Also you may see how helpful namaste is for you during pregnancy. So just keep your body moving to have a fit pregnancy and a healthy and active baby who will burn your calories by making you run behind him after he is out in the world. Happy pregnancy!