Curly hair takes time and results in damage to your locks due to heat, right? Actually, not so much. Fortunately, heat-less curls are possible and they are not only time-saving, but cause much less damage to your hair than using a curling iron or curling wand! These methods can help you achieve beautiful curls with the use of simple aids like bobby pins, headbands, and hair ties. So, dig in and get curling!

10. Twisted Loose Curls

Light and messy wavy hairstyles are really in, specially during the summers. They give you a casual yet chic look. These carefree waves are very easy to replicate without the use of curling wands or tongs!


All you need-

  • A spray bottle with water
  • Some big elastic bands
  • A few bobby pins

As promised, they are easy as a pie.

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly, make sure there are no knots.
  2. Spray the water lightly, just enough to dampen your hair.
  3.  Section your hair in half, taking a middle parting.
  4. Now, take one part and twist it until it becomes tight enough to form a bun.
  5. Do the same with the other parting and secure these buns with elastic bands and bobby pins.

You can create more sections depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Adjust the buns so that you don’t have any problem in keeping them overnight or, you can just let them dry while you finish your chores. Voila! Easy and chic.

9. Paper Towel Curls

This new way of curling hair tempts everyone. More curling accessories are difficult to sleep with. But paper towels! This will give you tight curls, which will stay all day. And of course you can give them some edge by combing through or teasing your hair later.

maxresdefault (6)


All you need-

  • Spray bottle with water
  • Paper towels

The list is short and the curls are fabulous. So now, remember, you have to work your way through but tying small sections of your hair. If you want larger ways, take bigger sections and take small sections for tighter curls.

  1.  Take the paper towel and roll it a little bit so that it doesn’t tear part.
  2.  Take a section of your hair, spritz some water.
  3. Take the damp section, put the paper towel on the lower end and start wrapping your hair with it, in upward direction. If you want your curls to start from the ear section then, just roll the towel up till there and secure it by tying the ends of the paper towel.
  4. Patiently, do this with the rest of the sections and let your hair dry.

After they dry and you have run out of patience, you can just tear the knots of the paper towel and free your curls. Run your fingers through them to soften them a little bit.

8. Bubble Wrap Curls

Bubble wrap isn’t just a stress buster after all, there are several more ways in which you can have fun with it. This is such an interesting way of utilizing all that bubble wrap that’s been lying around. This method gives you round and tight curls, the size of the curl however, depends on the thickness of the bubble wrap roll.



All you need-

  • Spray bottle with water
  • Lots of bubble wrap
  • Elastic bands
  • Clear tape

If you have a sheet of bubble wrap, it’s better to first cut it into pieces that are a foot long and almost half a foot in width.

  1. Once you have rectangular pieces of bubble wrap, roll them length wise and secure them with the tape. Make sure they are tight and secured.
  2.  Damp a small section of your hair. Starting from the tip of the section, start rolling the bubble wrap upward, up to the roots.
  3.  Fold the ends of the bubble wrap and secure it with an elastic band.
  4. Do the same to all the other sections of your hair.

Leave them overnight, bubble wrap is surprisingly comfortable to sleep with.

7. Headband Curls

Vintage curls are timeless. You can easily recreate them and they look classy at almost with every look. These curls are loved by celebrities for so many red carpet looks. With this heat less hack you can flaunt your vintage curls without damaging your hair.


All you need-

  • Spray bottle with water
  • A head band (made of a soft material)
  • Bobby pins

These curls show up best when left overnight, but if you’re in a hurry, you can use the cold air setting to dry your hair.

  1.  Put on the head band, make sure that it’s placed perfectly where you want your curls to start from.
  2.  Starting from the front, take a section from the side and wrap your hair around the headband and use hairpins to pin the end to secure it.
  3.  Work your way around your head similarly. Take small sections.

After you wake up and your hair is completely dry, gently pull out the sections of the hair and lightly comb through.

6. Straw Curls

This method demands time and patience. But if you succeed, you will get these extremely tight and bouncy curls. To recreate these Oprah curls, all you need is a bunch of straws! These will almost last you a week, if you don’t wash your hair.



All you need is-

  • Spray bottle with water
  • A LOT of straws
  • Bobby pins

These curls can be very tight if you take really small sections, but if you want to make them loose, just take bigger sections of hair.

  1. Take a small section and damp it.
  2. Take a straight straw and start wrapping the section on the straw. Leave the quarter of the straw free so that your hair don’t slide off the straw. When you reach the end, pin the straw to your roots. Or if you like, you can simply tie the ends of the straw together.
  3. Taking smaller sections, repeat the same thing throughout.

Let the hair dry. Spritz your hair with some leave-in conditioner.

5. Magazine Curls

Now, you can use the old magazines to create loose curls in your hair. Magazine curls are easy and the great thing about them is, you can change the thickness of your curls easily by changing the diameter of the magazine roll.


All you need is-

  • Spray bottle with water
  • An old magazine
  • Bobby pins
  • Clear tape

To prep your rolls, simply tear down pages from a magazine and roll them into rolls with a diameter of around 1 inch (if you want loose curls). Tape them. It will be best if you use a magazine with thick pages, they will be more firm and will help you hold the curls better.

  1.  Take a section from the lower end and damp it.
  2.  Take the magazine roll and wrap your hair around it.
  3.  Secure both ends with bobby pins. For the upper end, pin it with your roots. For the lower end, fold the end of the paper inwards and pin it.

Leave these for about half an hour or let them dry. The dryer the better. Carefully take out all the pins and there you have your loose soft curls.

4. The Bendy Foam Curls

Well, the oldest and most effective way of curling your hair without heat is here. Although, you can find different kinds of foam rods online these days. More or less, they work the same. These foam curlers are cheap and most importantly, not so uncomfortable to sleep with.


All you need is-

  • Spray bottle with water
  • Some foam curlers

So this is easy. Just section your hair and wrap it around the foam, that’s it. The new foam curlers available in the market these days are long in shape so, all you need to do to secure them is to bend their ends.

3. Beach Waves

Want that cool, carefree vibe without going into the water? Beach waves are the easiest to recreate, because you can easily just braid your hair into different braids overnight and they give you casual careless waves.

maxresdefault (7)

2. Halo curls


All you need is-

  • A spray bottle with water
  • A soft worn out t-shirt
  • A big elastic band
  • Some bobby pins

Take your t- shirt and twist it by the ends, now tie these ends together and secure them with an elastic band.

  1.  Place this halo over your head, in the center.
  2. Taking the front section and comb it forward, wrap it over the halo and secure the end with a bobby pin.
  3. Do this with the rest of the hair and sleep comfortably.

You wake up with some loose, red carpet curls.

1. Voluminous Sock Bun Curls

When you are going for a really casual look, these loose and soft curls will just do the job for you. This method will give you huge voluminous curls within absolutely no time.


All you need is-

  • Spray bottle with water
  • An old sock. Washed and clean!
  • A rubber band

To prepare the sock, cut of its ends and roll it in a doughnut shape.

  1.  Damp your hair and tie them in a high pony tail.
  2.  Now, hold the end of your ponytail and place it through the hole in the sock. Wrap sections of hair over the outer surface of the sock doughnut and tuck the ends securely underneath it. Continue rolling the sock down your ponytail toward your head, keeping hair tucked underneath it. The bun should stay securely in place once it reaches your head.

These heat-less curls are super fun to try out. If you want these curls to last longer, throughout the day, simply use some hair spray. This way you will be avoiding a lot of damage to your hair and you can recreate different curls everyday!