Two people who follow the same diet, have the same exercise regimen and have a more or less similar lifestyle can still differ in their weight loss achievements and overall health. The difference primarily lies in their metabolism. A slow or sub-standard metabolic rate may be one your worst fitness enemies but that does not mean that you cannot befriend it! Simple changes in your diet and overall way of living can go a long way in making your body function more efficiently. Here we list the top 12 tips to improve your metabolism:

12. Eat Appropriately!


Contrary to the common perception that eating less will help you lose weight fast, eating the appropriate amount is the better road to take. Lesser amount of food means fewer calories, true. But it also means lesser muscle mass and a lower rate of metabolism. This means your body will slow down the rate at which it burns calories to conserve energy since it is not getting enough. This is why, it is imperative that you consume enough food at regular intervals, not only to prevent nutritional deficiencies but also to improve body functioning.

11. Interval Training:


The best workout that can set your metabolism to an increasing high is interval training. It far exceeds weight training or a cardio workout. Interval training encompasses an element of changing the speed and intensity of the workout. This means that if you have been running at a speed of ten kilometers per hour, you must increase your speed to, say, twelve kilometers per hour for a part of the session and then come back to ten. Parts of the session must also have equal periods of rest. One interval training session with about five to six such variations can boost your metabolism at unparalleled rates!

10. Egg Yolk:


Egg whites are that component of the egg which are hailed as perfect- Lesser calories, free from fat and endowed with protein. However, when it comes to metabolism, egg yolks are just as perfect. With fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and choline, a compound that promotes storage of fat around the liver, egg yolks improve body metabolism. In consideration of the various cholesterol issues associated with them, one or two whole eggs daily should suffice.

9. Stand Up:


With a majority of the world’s population employed in jobs that promote a sedentary lifestyle, there is often bad news for our metabolism. The body, after an ideal sleep of about eight hours, requires a little bit of activity throughout the day. Sitting at a desk for a majority of the remainder of the day does not serve the purpose. So the simplest change you can make to give a little kick to your metabolism is to stand up as much as you can. Whenever possible, walk to the water retainer and back or just stand and work on the laptop! The effect that this will have on your metabolic rate is tremendous!

8. Say No to Sweetened Sodas:

no soda

Even though it seems like diet sodas do not have any calories, they create havoc in one’s body. They change the body’s metabolic response to sugar due to the presence of artificial sweeteners and thus, are detrimental to overall health irrespective of their calorie content. So if you really crave for something sweet, dark chocolate is a better option. It lowers stress hormones and results in a more regulated metabolic rate. Flavonoids in cocoa promote healthy metabolic growth and alleviate stress levels.

7. Make Sure you Get Enough Iron:


In general, mineral deficiency can affect one’s body in a variety of ways. However, when it comes to iron, it is specifically required for proper metabolic functioning. The body needs iron to be able to work out and burn calories effectively. Thus, the key to an improved metabolism is to incorporate an adequate amount of iron into your daily diet. Popular foods that are rich in iron include legumes like lentils, spinach, beans, red meat and poultry. This will also ensure that your blood pressure and cholesterol are in check.

6. Nuts, nuts and nuts!


While most of those who diet tend to avoid nuts because they are filled with calories, new research has brought to light the importance of the mono-saturated fats that they contain. The effectiveness of a low calorie diet intended to lose weight is enhanced by a ‘nutty’ snack. Almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts and the like can control insulin levels in the body and make sure that the individuals feel fuller by satiating their appetite. This is why nuts are a brilliant addition to metabolism-improving foods.

5. An Apple a Day will keep the Doctor at Bay!


With the effect of fruits endowed with natural sugars (like mangoes, chikoos and bananas) on metabolic rate being debatable, apples emerge to be victorious (and far less controversial). They are known to prevent metabolic syndrome which is an infirmity associated with abdominal fat, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. They are rich in nutrients and low in calories, with a great amount of filling fibre. That is why it is no wonder that apples are considered to be one of the healthiest ways to lose weight.

4. Don’t let Booze kill your Buzz:


Drinking any kind of alcoholic drink is known to slow down one’s metabolic rate. Of course, a healthy drink or two (say, wine) every once in a while will not do as much harm but making it a habitual ritual is sure to have an adverse effect on your metabolism. This is because the body’s system gives preference to breaking down alcoholic drinks rather than food that needs to be digested. So even if you drink occasionally, keep in mind that you must choose low calorie drinks that can be easily broken down. Also, avoid heavy foodstuffs like burgers and fries with your beverages.


3. Yogurt:


With the summer tormenting people in tropical countries throughout and the winter in other countries making yogurt a perfect dessert, it is one of the most inclusive ingredient for metabolic improvement. This is because it is endowed with pro-biotics, rich amounts of protein and calcium, and good bacteria that cleanse the gut. The best part is that it can so flexibly be incorporated into a variety of dishes!

2. Reduce Screen Time:

screen time

As disconnected as it sounds, screen time is known to interfere with the body’s hormone productions. Since our lives are practically incomplete without the use of electronic devices, the wiser thing to do would be to control it and reduce it, especially during the night. Adjusting screen brightness and avoiding the use of appliances an hour before bed time can result in ample production of the sleep hormone, melanin and this is known to boost metabolism.

1. Drink lots of Water, especially as Soon as you Wake Up:


Most nutritionists recommend drinking at least two glasses of water as soon as you wake up. This is because one’s metabolic rate slows down during sleep because it is deprived of fluids. So the best way to swing it into action is to rehydrate it early in the morning. It is sure to boost your energy, reduce bloating and regulate your appetite!

So do not fret if you have think you have a genetic problem with metabolism or if your diet has left your body functioning slow because it is not a permanent change. Tiny steps to a changed lifestyle can do the trick!