Have you committed a crime? Or are you wrongly accused in a criminal case? If so, you must be in a stressful state right now. When it comes to criminal charges, most people are not capable of representing themselves. And the consequences of criminal charges can be devastating if found guilty. So, to get the best legal representation, it’s vital to have a criminal attorney by your side.

When faced with serious charges and hefty penalties, it’s unwise to take a chance. Just because you’re innocent, you can’t be sure that convincing the jury will be easy. The legal procedures are quite complicated and the accusers can twist and manipulate things to get you jailed. Only a criminal defense lawyer can evaluate your case and determine what arguments can be used to remove charges and get a clean chit from the court.

As with many areas of the law, the criminal law also keeps changing. The lawyers are well-versed with the most current laws to help you get rid of the charges pertaining to the alleged crime. So, unless you completely know ins and outs of the legal process or ready to try your luck, hiring a criminal defense attorney is the wisest option. The following reasons will help you understand why hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is the best decision.

  1. Best Legal Representation

When dealing with criminal charges a minor mistake can jeopardize your case and your future. Given the severe consequences of criminal charges, you need the best possible legal representation to protect your future. It takes years of legal training, knowledge, and experience to prove in court that the accused is innocent.  The lawyers take every possible step to prove that their client is innocent. They obtain police reports, collect evidence, and related documents to determine the best possible recourse.  Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer can successfully get your charges reduced, your penalties lessened, or even get your case dismissed due to police errors.

  1. Reduce Sentences

In case the court finds you guilty of the charges, your attorney may negotiate a “deal” or “plea bargain” with the prosecutor to reduce your sentence. Sometimes, due to a lack of working defenses, it’s not possible to eliminate all the charges against you. This is where your attorney may negotiate for lesser prison time or a rehabilitation program. The experienced lawyers are familiar with people involved in the system, including judges, prosecutors, court clerks, and probation officers. They know how to present the case to the judge in the most favorable light and the tendencies of different judges.

  1. Knowledge of Judicial System & Relationships with Prosecutors

Just like you need a doctor to take care of your health, you need a lawyer to take you out of legal trouble. The legal jargon and workings of the court systems can be extremely confusing for common people. Only a criminal defense attorney knows how the judicial system works. Moreover, after years of practice, defense lawyers develop relationships with prosecuting attorneys and judges. The relationship between your lawyer and the prosecuting attorney can be quite helpful in negotiating a better plea deal.