Glass railings have become the hottest trend amongst the homeowners in Montreal. They are sleek and elegant decorative finish that allows an unobstructed view of the surrounding environment without closing up the space. They make your balcony or living area more airy and bright and provide much-needed protection, both indoors and outdoors. Plus, they are easy to install and add unique aesthetics to the home.

Another amazing thing is that glass railing systems can be customized to nearly any color and can be well-matched to the overall scheme of your residence. So, if you have been thinking of renovating or building a new home lately, the installation of glass railing systems should be a part of your checklist.

Here are a few things that you need to consider as you go about making your selections from a myriad of glass railings in the market:

  1. Glass Type

Every homeowner must know that any glass part needs to be handled with great care; otherwise, it can lead to expensive repairs/replacement. The glass railing system you choose for your home should preferably be made of tempered or toughened glass with stainless steel hardware.

These heavy-duty glasses are not only resistant to scratches but also safer than wooden options and approx. 6 times stronger than the conventional glasses. The best thing is that when tempered glass happens to shatter, the shards are much smaller and blunter and there is a guaranteed safety overall.

  1. Railing Style

In addition to glass types, there is an ample variety of railing styles. There are seamless railings, frameless varieties, framed options, top balustrades, and sole glass sheets. Each one of these has a distinctive appearance and comes with its own pros and cons.

Your choice should depend on where you want to install them (for decks, balconies or as indoor staircases), the amount of view you want through, and the level of maintenance required. You also need to keep the height of the railing system in mind. For instance, if you have children and pets playing around, be sure it is high enough to prevent any injuries.

  1. Contractor’s Experience

Considering the ease of glass railings installation, homeowners often tend to DIY this project. However, what they don’t determine is the level of risk involved and this leads to costly mistakes during installation. So, to avoid that from happening, employ reliable and professional glass railing installation experts that are well versed in the job.

They are generally backed with years of experience and a quality craftsman team; thereby paying attention to all the little details and giving your modern home the most astounding look you wished for years.