So, you are excited to build your home with your immensely researched ideas you have been holding on for too long. Well, first of all, congratulations on this big leap.

But do you know that building a home from scratch is tougher than paying for an existing one? Are you ready for that challenging part?

There’s a lot that goes into constructing a new residential property. You should have a vast understanding of building codes and ordinances and assistance from a custom home builder.

Since your builder will be handling all the critical processes to give you the home of your dreams, it is vital that you make an informed choice. So, other than discussing the budget of the project, here are four crucial questions to ask when hiring a custom home builder:

Q1: What is your track record?

You need a builder who carries a great reputation among the neighborhood and the clients as well as among the banker and supplier community. It is important because they are going to act on your behalf and suggest you the profitable deals.

You can search them online and look what their customer base and business partners are saying. Their existing reputation would be totally dependent on their past track record.

Q2: Do you have an established business?

Asking the builder about the status of their company is important to gauge the level of success they have achieved in the field. The longer they stay in the business, the more experienced they get. There may be amateur companies ready to work at a much lesser price, but they won’t be worth it.

Remember, you are opting for a custom-built home to monitor the quality at every step. So, don’t opt for non-established building firms that promise you to save in return for subpar work.

Q3: What credentials do you hold?

Having a builder on board who has been in the industry for the last 10 years but doesn’t seem to adapt to changing building and construction practices is a big no-no. While you want someone knowledgeable, it is equally important that he/she is excited to learn and execute new skills.

Good builders are continuously learning from their past mistakes and are eager to improve their capabilities to be the best in trade.

Q4: How do you associate with sub-contractors or select them?

Just like builders, their sub-contractors are required to be equally experienced and qualified. It is typically because they are also going to do a lot of labor on your home, and you wouldn’t want any non-professionals on your site committing silly errors.

Therefore, speak to your builders as to what is the selection criterion for their sub-contractors. This is essential to ensure that they are making a careful choice and not relying simply on a group of friends that are mere beginners in the field.