Short of space? If you really want to make some space at your home, or at any place that you currently stay, its always better to go for bunk beds, rather that single beds. Single beds firstly consume more space, and also can’t be folded, to make more space, when someone is not using it. Generally, a bunk bed is a type of a bed, which can let two people sleep simultaneously. It basically has two beds, where one bed is sustained on top of another. Generally, in traditional bunk beds, the two beds, the upper bed and the lower bed, is actually detached from one another, using four poles and a ladder. The ladder is for the purpose, of climbing to the upper bed.

In the modern days, some of the bunk beds also has a pull-out bed. A pull-out bed means more people can be accommodated in a single bunk bed, and when the pull out is not in use, the bed can be again inserted under the actual framework of the bunk bed. So, to make use of the space in an apartment, RV or a boat, where the living space is less, a bunk bed with a pull-out bed is a great option.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top bunk beds, which promises to use your living space more judicially.

Walker Edison Town over Twin Bunk Type Bed

This type of bed basically constitutes of twin over twin mattresses, which can actually be later converted in to two separate beds, if one wants to. This type of bed can mostly be used in a dormitory, or for people who stays in an apartment. One of the most important point about this type of a bed is its usefulness in various forms. It is very flexible and adaptive in different environments.

Since, the bunk beds must be made durable, hence, these types of beds are made from steel, and to ensure its strength features a tubular steel framing.

Donco Bunk Type Bed

This is one of the most stylish bunk beds available in the market today. To give it an aesthetic feeling, it is made out of wood, which ensures a different touch to your room. Different than most of the bunk beds in the market, this type of bed features a drawer. In fact, Donco bunk type bed, also does not feature a steel ladder, like most of the other bunk beds, but it features a reversible stairway, which can again be used as a drawer.

Explorer Twin Full Student Loft

This type of bunk bed is generally for students, who share their rooms with their schoolmates or collegemates. This features two full-sized beds, which are generally also called as twin beds. This type of bunk beds, also constitute of a study table, or a computer table and drawers. In fact, it also comes in with a chair, where students can study.

Coaster Kid’s GI Child Bunk Bed

This type of bunk beds is extensively available in the market, and is only for use to kids. The unique point is it has got a bed on top, and alongside that bunk bed, it has got a play area in the lower portion. It is durable since, it has been made of tubular steel.

Twin / Full Pine Wood

If you have a craving for a bed with a sitting area attached to it, then this bed must be the best for you. It features a bed at the top, with a sitting area, at the bottom, which can again be converted to another bed if wanted.

The Bunk House is a kids bunk bed manufacturer in Toronto, who has been in this business from 1967. Call them to know more.