Thinking of getting any body part pierced? Before piercing your navel, ears, tongue or any other part, be sure to choose the body jewelry wisely. Cheap may not always be the best, do not buy something only to save a few dollars. Saving these dollars may lead to spending hundreds of dollars on medical bills later. Choosing the right body jewelry is a tedious task. It is not like buying any regular traditional jewelry such as rings, necklaces or pendants. It is something that will go through your skin thus increasing the chances of getting infections. Buying cheap body jewelry is a recipe for disaster. Higher quality body jewelry is more sturdy, safer, and flawless aesthetically. Here are a few reasons stating why not to buy cheap body jewelry.

  • Use of fillers

Poor quality body jewelry will have use of fillers. This is done to save on the cost of production by many companies. But such jewelry contains low-quality material in the name of the high-quality material.


  • Low-quality threading

Cheap body jewelry may have bad threading. It might be off, thus increasing the chances of losing balls at the end of your jewelry. That you might have to replace from time to time; leading to wastage of time and money. Or the external threading of cheap jewelry may be sharp, a sharp-edged object being pushed through your skin again and again when putting it on or off is likely to cut your skin and cause infection. The post end of body jewelery should always be smooth and round in order to ensure safety.


  • Improper finishing

Companies who make cheap body jewelery rarely ensure that each piece is held to a higher standard. A piece of jewelry without proper finishing can cause irritation on the skin, thus causing inflammation, de-sensitizing, and other generally harmful will also lengthen your healing time, in case of a new piercing.


  • Increased risk of infection

Low-quality metals are used in cheap body jewelry. These metals can lead to serious infections, especially when the piercing is done for the first time. Body piercing is done on all kind of body parts including areas that are very sensitive such as septum, nipples, and genitals; therefore it becomes indispensable to use good quality body jewelry.


  • Increased risk of rejection

Our body does not always accept foreign bodies entering it. If the body finds the jewelry is too much of an irritant, it may reject it.

  • No sterilization

Cheap body jewelry manufacturers hardly sterilize it, thus increasing the risk of infections by manifold. If you are adamant about buying such cut-price jewelry be sure to sterilize it yourself before using.


  • Short life

Cheap jewelry is not likely to last for a long time like good quality jewelry. It will break in a short span, thus you have to buy a new one. Overall you will pay more for a cheap piece of body jewelry in the long run.

It is very important to take care of your body. No risks must be taken in connection with it. Therefore, buying superior quality body jewelry from adequate sellers is essential.